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Each year, ICE North West seeks out and shares examples of excellence in civil engineering practice across the region.

We celebrate recently completed projects, diversity best practice and outstanding individual contribution within the engineering profession.

“Civil engineers bring huge benefits to the wider community so it’s only right that we, their member body, showcase their work to a wider audience." Emma Antrobus, Director, ICE North West

ICE North West Civil Engineering Awards

North West civil engineering awards

Our ICE North West Civil Engineering Awards celebrate recently completed projects, the region's civil engineering heritage, individual excellence and progressive practices encouraging diversity in the engineering profession.

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Recognising individual achievement

ICE North West runs awards and competitions which celebrate achievements and develop the skills of graduate engineers in the region. Find out more about them in the sections below and how you can get involved.

Pitch 200

Graduate engineer nets Pitch 200 title with fishy video

Verena Fernandes representing South East England netted the most votes to win this year’s ICE Pitch 200 after explaining the consequences of dams on salmon migration and possible solutions in just 200 seconds!

More than 3,400 people voted as part of the unique competition that challenges ICE members to use their creativity and communication skills to explain a civil engineering concept or project in an accessible and entertaining self-filmed video.

Vivek Jhaveri representing the Middle East region came second with a pitch video on the use of 3D printed concrete in construction, while third place went to Scotland’s Lauryn Steel for a video on bridge types.

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For more informaiton on Pitch 200, please email [email protected].

Construction Challenge

Construction Challenge

The ICE North West Graduates and Students Group runs the region's annual Construction Challenge, in Manchester and Liverpool. The competition allows students to work together, share ideas and win prizes.

Teams are challenged build a structure, while dealing with a number of variables such as shifting timescales, to reflect the reality of competitively tendered design and construction processes.

Construction Challenge is usually held in autumn so keep an eye out for entry details nearer the time.

Previous winners

The 2019 competition saw teams competing to build a bridge, measuring 10cm wide and 50cm long, using materials such as paper straws, string, cardboard, and cocktail sticks.

2019 manchester winning team
Manchester 2019 winning team

In Manchester, “We Are Wild” won with a truss bridge which was both cost effective and the strongest entry. Congratulations to team members, Shafiq Shazali, Edward Cook, Joseph Firth, Martin Bailey and Carlos Calderon.

2019 liverpool winning team
Liverpool 2019 winning team

In Liverpool, there was a wide variety of designs but the winning entry that held the most weight came from Dylan Steven and Mohd Shavarein.

North West Sustainability Poster Competition

North West Sustainability Poster Competition

The ICE North West Graduates and Students Committee has launched a new Sustainability Poster Competition.

At a time when the importance of finding sustainable solutions and reducing carbon has never been higher, the competition aims to share ideas and knowledge with peers in the industry.

We're looking for a one-page A3 poster with a maximum 500-word limit.

Entries can be adapted from university and/or employment research papers and projects, professional review reports, or professional development reports.

Entering the Sustainability Poster Competition is an opportunity to raise your profile, promote your work in this area and develop key presentation skills. It's also a great way to boost your continuing professional development records.

Applying is easy

North West Sustainability Poster Competition
  • Submit your sustainability poster - one-page A3 poster, with a maximum 500-word limit - by 2 July 2021
  • Finalists will then be chosen to present their paper in front of a live audience at an online event, 3 August 2021 (TBC)
  • The winner will receive a prize of £150, with £50 for the runner-up.

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