Help us inspire young people

Do you remember what inspired you to become a civil engineer? As an ICE ambassador, you could help children and students to understand how exciting and important civil engineering is

ICE Ambassadors help to inspire the next generation of engineers
ICE Ambassadors help to inspire the next generation of engineers

Working with young people is fun, rewarding and great for your professional and personal development.

What our ambassadors do

ICE ambassadors get involved in a variety of activities organised by our Graduate and Student Committees. These include:

  • Giving talks on civil engineering careers
  • Helping out at after school STEM clubs
  • Attending careers fairs
  • Creating interactive activities

You could also plan your own events, like talking to students at the school you went to about civil engineering.

A rewarding role

Volunteering with us gives you the opportunity to:

  • Help young people to understand and really appreciate what civil engineers do
  • Develop skills like planning and public speaking, which can count towards CPD
  • Meet other civil engineers and become better known in the community
  • Influence all types of young people to become civil engineering professionals

If you're interested but don't have any experience working with young people, don't worry. STEMNet will train and guide you before you start.

ICE ambassadors need to be based in the UK.

If you're an international member and you'd like to use any of our schools materials, please download them. Or if you have any ideas for student engineering activities, please contact

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If you'd like to inspire the next Brunel or Fergusson, then let us help you. Simply register your details and we can supply you with supporting materials and advice to ensure your efforts are successful.

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