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ICE president

Our president promotes the institution and the civil engineering profession in the UK and around the world.

Professor Anusha Shah is the ICE's 159th president.

The role of the ICE president

Each year in November, a new ICE president begins their 12-month role.

Their role is to represent the civil engineering profession and the institution at the highest levels of government, business, and society. 

They are considered an authoritative voice of the profession.

The president chairs the ICE Trustee Board and the Council, and has certain duties under the by-laws. 

Current ICE president

Professor Anusha Shah is the ICE president for the 2023/4 term.

She is the institution's 159th president.

Professor Anusha Shah is a senior director for resilient cities and the UK climate adaptation lead at Arcadis.

She’s currently seconded to Effiage, Kier, Ferrovial and BAM Nuttall joint venture on High Speed 2 as senior director of environmental consents.

Shah’s also a non-executive director at the Met Office, UK, and is a former Royal Academy of Engineering (RAEng) visiting professor at King’s College London on climate adaptation, sustainability and inclusive design.

In 2021, the University of Wolverhampton gave her an honorary professorship for knowledge transfer and the University of East London gave her a doctorate for her services to climate change in engineering.

Professor Shah is also a visiting professor at the University of Edinburgh and has been invited for lectures at Cambridge Institute for Sustainability Leadership at the University of Cambridge.

She specialises in water and environmental engineering with over 22 years’ experience in designing, managing and leading projects and programmes in the UK and internationally.

She's a past chair of the Thames Estuary Partnership Board (2017-20).

She has received several awards, including the 2020 Top 50 UK Women Engineers Sustainability Award and CECA FIR (Fairness, Inclusion and Respect) Inspiring Engineers Award 2019.

Climate Reframe recognised her as one of the UK’s leading BAME (Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic) voices on climate change.

ICE past presidents

Before the standard length of term was established, Thomas Telford, the institution's first president, served the longest term of 14 years.

List of ICE past presidents

Name Year in office
Thomas Telford 1820-1834
James Walker 1835-1845
Sir John Rennie 1845-1848
Joshua Field 1848-1849
Sir William Cubitt 1849-1851
James Meadows Rendell 1851-1853
James Simpson 1853-1855
Robert Stephenson 1855-1857
Joseph Locke 1857-1859
George Parker Bidder 1859-1861
Sir John Hawkshaw 1861-1863
John Robinson McClean 1863-1865
Sir John Fowler 1865-1867
Sir Charles Hutton Gregory 1867-1869
Charles Blacker Vignoles 1869-1871
Thomas Hawklesley 1871-1873
Thomas Elliott Harrison 1873-1875
George Robert Stephenson 1875-1877
John Frederic La Trobe Bateman 1877-1879
William Henry Barlow 1879-1880
James Abernethy 1880-1881
Lord Armstrong 1881-1882
Sir James Brunlees 1882-1883
Sir Joseph Bazalgette 1883-1884
Sir Frederick Bramwell 1884-1886
Edward Woods 1886-1887
Sir George Barclay Bruce 1887-1889
Sir John Coode 1889-1891
Sir George Berkley 1891-1892
Harrison Hayter 1892-1893
Alfred Giles 1893-1894
Sir Robert Rawlinson 1894-1895
Sir Benjamin Baker 1895-1896
Sir John Wolfe-Barry 1896-1898
Sir William Henry Preece 1898-1899
Sir Douglas Fox 1899-1900
James Mansergh 1900-1901
Charles Hawksley 1901-1902
John Clarke Hawkshaw 1902-1903
Sir William Henry White 1903-1904
Sir Guildford Lindsey Molesworth 1904-1905
Sir Alexander Binnie 1905-1906
Sir Alexander Kennedy 1906-1907
Sir William Matthews 1907-1908
Sir James Charles Inglis 1908-1910
Sir Alexander Siemens 1910-1911
William Unwin 1911-1912
Sir Robert Elliott-Cooper 1912-1913
Anthony George Lyster 1913-1914
Benjamin Hall Blyth 1914-1915
Alexander Ross 1915-1916
Sir Maurice Fitzmaurice 1916-1917
Harry Edward Jones 1917-1918
Sir John Aspinall 1918-1919
Sir John Griffith 1919-1920
John Alexander Brodie 1920-1921
William Barton Worthington 1921-1922
William Maw 1922-1923
Sir Charles Langbridge Morgan 1923-1924
Sir Basil Mott 1924-1925
Sir William Henry Ellis 1925-1926
Sir Frederick Palmer 1926-1927
Ernest Crosbie Trench 1927-1928
Sir Brodie Henderson 1928-1929
William Grierson 1929-1930
Sir George William Humphreys 1930-1931
Sir Cyril Kirkpatrick 1931-1932
Sir Murdoch MacDonald 1932-1933
Sir Henry Maybury 1933-1934
Sir Richard Redmayne 1934-1935
John Duncan Watson 1935-1936
Brigadier-General Sir Alexander Gibb 1936-1937
Sydney Donkin 1937-1938
William James Eames Binnie 1938-1939
Sir Clement Hindley 1939-1940
Sir Leopold Halliday Savile 1940-1941
Sir Charles Inglis 1941-1942
Sir John Edward Thornycroft 1942-1943
Sir David Anderson 1943-1944
Francis Wentworth-Shields 1944-1945
Sir Thomas Peirson Frank 1945-1946
Sir William Halcrow 1946-1947
Sir Roger Gaskell Hetherington 1947-1948
Sir Jonathan Davidson 1948-1949
Vernon Robertson 1949-1950
Sir William Glanville 1950-1951
Sir Allan Stephen Quartermaine 1951-1952
Henry Cronin 1952-1953
Wilfred Shepherd-Barron 1953-1954
David Mowat Watson 1954-1955
William Kelly Wallace 1955-1956
Harold Gourley 1956-1957
Sir Frederick Arthur Whitaker 1957-1958
Alfred Pippard 1958-1959
Arthur Hartley 1959-1960
Sir Herbert Manzoni 1960-1961
Sir George Matthew McNaughton 1961-1962
Reginald William Mountain 1962-1963
Sir Harold Harding 1963-1964
Sir Robert Wynne-Edwards 1964-1965
James Arthur Banks 1965-1966
Sir Ralph Freeman 1966-1967
Sir Hubert Shirley-Smith 1967-1968
John Holmes Jellett 1968-1969
Angus Fulton 1969-1970
Sir Angus Paton 1970-1971
George Ambler Wilson 1971-1972
Roger Le Geyt Hetherington 1972-1973
Sir Kirby Laing 1973-1974
Sir William Gordon Harris 1974-1975
Sir Norman Rowntree 1975-1976
John Walter Baxter 1976-1977
Sir Alan Muir Wood 1977-1978
Reginald Coates 1978-1979
William George Nicholson Geddes 1979-1980
Peter Arthur Cox 1980-1981
Ian MacDonald Campbell 1981-1982
John Vernon Bartlett 1982-1983
James Anthony Gaffney 1983-1984
John Anthony Derrington 1984-1985
Donald Reeve 1985-1986
David Gwilym Morris Roberts 1986-1987
Sir William Francis 1987-1988
Alastair Craig Paterson 1988-1989
Peter Frank Stott 1989-1990
Roy Thomas Severn 1990-1991
Robin Lee Wilson 1991-1992
Michael Norman Tizard Cottell 1992-1993
Stuart Mustow 1993-1994
Edmund Hambly 1994-1995
Tony Ridley 1995-1996
David Green 1996-1997
Alan Cockshaw 1997-1998
Roger Norman Sainsbury 1998-1999
George Fleming 1999-2000
Sir Joseph Dwyer 2000-2001
Mark Whitby 2001-2002
Adrian Long 2002-2003
Douglas Oakervee 2003-2004
Colin Clinton 2004-2005
Gordon Grier Thomson Masterton 2005-2006
Quentin John Leiper 2006-2007
David Malcolm Orr 2007-2008
Jean Venables 2008-2009
Paul William Jowitt 2009-2010
Peter Hansford 2010-2011
Richard Coackley 2011-2012
Barry Clarke 2012-2013
Geoff French 2013-2014
David Balmforth 2014-2015
Sir John Armitt 2015-2016
Tim Broyd 2016-2017
Professor Lord Robert Mair 2017-2018
Andrew Wyllie 2018-2019
Paul Sheffield 2019-2020
Rachel Skinner 2020-2021
Ed McCann 2021-2022
Keith Howells 2022-2023