Awards, competitions and scholarships

We present a number of awards that recognise outstanding Professional Review performance, civil engineering work and service to ICE.

We also give a range of scholarships that help civil engineers develop their careers and gain more hands-on experience.

Awards and competitions

Award What's it about? Which grade of member is it for? Contact
James Rennie Medal Awarded to the best Chartered Professional Review candidate in the year before the medal is awarded. CEng MICE
Jean Venables Medal Awarded to the best Technician Professional Review candidate in the year before the medal is awarded. EngTech MICE
Tony Chapman Medal Awarded to the best Member Professional Review candidate in the year before the medal is awarded. IEng MICE
Renee Redfern Hunt Prize Recognises candidates who've excelled in their Professional Review written exercise. IEng/CEng MICE
Karen Burt Award Awarded by the Women's Engineering Society to a high-calibre newly chartered female engineer, applied scientist or IT professional. CEng MICE - female only
Student Prize An annual award of £250, which is given to a student who's judged to have performed best in the last two years of their JBM-accredited degree course. Students
Emerging Engineers Award Gives young engineers the opportunity to present research and innovative work on any area of engineering design, research or practice. Graduate and student members
Graduate and Student Communications Competition This team competition promotes the importance of communication. Entrants need to win over a panel of judges and an audience with a public presentation. Graduate and student members
Gold Medal Awarded to an individual who's demonstrated sustained excellence in civil engineering. This may include work they've done on a world-renowned civil engineering or construction project. No membership requirements
International Medal Awarded annually to a civil engineer who had prime responsibility for a project outside the UK, or a non-UK resident who had responsibility for an outstanding project in the UK. No membership requirements
Warren Medal Awarded to a member for their service to their region. Member (any grade)
Garth Watson Medal Awarded for long, dedicated and valuable service to ICE by a member or member of staff. Member (any grade)
President's Medal Awarded annually by the ICE president to an outstanding civil engineer. No membership requirements
The Chris Binnie Award for Sustainable Water Management This award recognises work which has benefited society by improving the sustainability of water. No membership requirements

QUEST scholarships

Scholarship What's it about? Who's it for? Contact Application dates
Undergraduate Scholarship A scholarship of up to £8,000 over the course of your studies, including paid summer work placements, and a potential full-time job with a leading civil engineering or construction company when they graduate. You must be due to start the first year of a full-time degree course at a UK university that is accredited by ICE and be predicted at least ABB in your A2 levels, or equivalent. 2018: closed 2019: Reopens from
4 March -
15 April 2019.
Technician Scholarship A scholarship of up to £1,500 for students on further or higher education courses that could lead to becoming an ICE technician member. You must be starting or continuing study on a course that will make them eligible for ICE technician membership. For example, BTEC Level 3 Diploma, HNC or Foundation degree. 8 October 2018 - 16 November 2018
Technician Plus Scholarship A scholarship of up to £1,500 for qualified technicians (EngTech), or those eligible for ICE Technician membership, who are moving to the next stage – towards Incorporated Engineer. You must be starting or continuing to study a course that will make you eligible for, or move you towards Incorporated Engineer. For example, HNC, HND, Bachelor’s degree including apprenticeships. 8 October 2018 - 16 November 2018
Eloise Plunkett Award Awarded to a newly qualified female Member or Technician member based in the UK. The award offers up to £2,500 for travel which has a civil engineering focus. A female Technician or Member who's qualified within 3 years of application deadline. 9 July 2018 - 20 January 2019
Kenneth Watson Travel Award Awarded to ICE Student Members (individuals and groups can apply) who are studying in the UK and want to travel abroad (after at least one year of study) on a civil engineering-related project or activity. Student Members who have already completed one year of their course and have been a Student Member since December prior to application. 2018 closed. Reopens January 2019
Travel Award Awarded to ICE Graduate or qualified Members (individuals and groups can apply) looking to get experience abroad by working on a civil engineering project. The scholarship provides up to £1,500 for individuals or £6,000 for groups. ICE Graduate and professionally qualified Members. You must have been a member for at least two years. 7 January 2019 - 18 March 2019

11 June 2019 -
31 August 2019
Continuing Education Award For ICE Graduate and qualified Members, with at least two years' work experience, who are looking to get a new qualification to help their professional development. The scholarship provides up to £1,500 towards a new qualification. ICE Graduate and professionally qualified Members, who've been members for at least two years and have at least two years' experience working in the civil engineering industry. 11 June 2019 -
31 August 2019
Foreign Language Award     Please note that this award has now been discontinued.

Graduate and Professionally Qualified Members who wish to apply for support to learn a foreign language should do via the Continuing Education Award