Awards that promote civil engineering excellence

Our Annual Awards recognise both outstanding civil engineering achievements and contribution to the profession and ICE. Read on to find out more about the awards - you may know of a person or project deserving of recognition among the wider civil engineering community.

Individual awards

The 2020 ICE Awards will be held on Monday 5 October. To submit a nomination, please fill in a nomination form and submit to Danny Whitebread at [email protected] The deadline for submissions is Friday 3 April 2020. Please note that self-nominations will not be accepted by the ICE Awards Committee.

Gold Medal

The Gold Medal is an award for civil engineering excellence.

It goes to an individual who’s made a big contribution to civil engineering over many years.

This may have been their involvement in a major, world-recognised civil engineering or construction project, or a contribution in one or more fields, such as design, research, development or investigation, construction, management (including project management), and education and training.

International Medal

This is awarded annually to a civil engineer who’s made an outstanding contribution to civil engineering:

  • Outside the UK


  • Inside the United Kingdom, and who lives outside the United Kingdom and is not a citizen of the UK

Garth Watson Medal

This medal is awarded by an ICE member or employee to someone who has given long, dedicated and valuable service to ICE

Warren Medal

Awarded to an ICE member to recognise their valuable service rendered to his or her region or branch.

President's Medal

The President's medal is awarded annually to a person, whether or not a member, who has performed any service to the Institution, to civil engineers or to the profession of civil engineering, that has not otherwise been recognised. The President decides who receives the medal and regard is shown to service that reflects the priorities and objectives that the President has identified for his/her year in office.

Project-based Awards

The 2020 ICE Awards will be held on Monday 5 October. To submit a nomination, please fill in a nomination form and submit to Danny Whitebread at [email protected] The deadline for submissions is Friday 3 April 2020. Please note that self-nominations will not be accepted by the ICE Awards Committee.

Edmund Hambly Medal

The Edmund Hambly Medal rewards creative design of an engineering project that makes a substantial contribution to sustainable development.

It emphasises the important contribution that civil engineers and the profession itself make to the wellbeing of mankind and the environment. For this award, ‘sustainable development’ means projects which meet the needs of the present, without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. These projects should take into account factors such as full life-cycle effects, including decommissioning, and show an understanding the effect infrastructure’s has on the environment.

Brunel Medal

The Brunel Medal is awarded to recognise excellence in civil engineering. All teams, persons or organisations operating within the built environment will be eligible

It’s open to:

  • ICE members of all grades
  • Local authorities
  • Contractors
  • Firms of consulting engineers
  • Educationalists
  • Any person or organisation connected with the civil engineering profession - particular consideration is given to teams which include chartered/incorporated engineers and engineering technicians

To submit a nomination, please fill in a nomination form and submit to Danny Whitebread at [email protected]. The deadline for submissions is Friday 3 April 2020.

How to nominate

All nominations have to be endorsed by an ICE member. You can’t nominate yourself.

Reasons for nominating

Nominations should make the best case possible for the nominee(s). They should provide enough detail to give the Awards Committee a full picture of the nominee(s) and their achievements. The committee will decide the winner based on the quality of the citation, so make sure that only relevant information is provided, and that the amount of detail included does not obscure the argument.

Length of the citation

Citations should be no more than 500 words. Additional relevant information should be in the form of appendices and should not be more than four pages.

Biographical and background details (where appropriate)

Brief details of work history and qualifications, and any other relevant biographical details, may help the Awards Committee to get a rounded picture of the nominee(s). In the case of teams of nominees, details of the extent and length of their collaboration may be useful.

Conditions of eligibility

If there are conditions on who can win the award – for example, if it’s only open to a particular grade of member(s) – the citation must say if and how this has been fulfilled.

Relevant achievements (where appropriate)

If the award is for record of service or achievements, give specific details of how the nominee was involved in particular projects or pieces of work. You should also relate this to the main citation, with enough examples to give a full and accurate picture of what the nominee has done to deserve the award. Pay particular attention to items which are most important or which have greatest bearing on the terms of the award.

Particular projects: partial involvement of the nominee(s)

Where a nominee or team of nominees have not been wholly responsible for the project the citation is based on, you should make their responsibility and involvement as clear as possible.

Project outcomes

If nominations have been supported by predicted outcomes to completed projects, the citation should show the extent to which the outcomes have been met.

Illustrative material

Plans, photographs, maps, publicity material etc. are especially useful if you’ve nominated a project.

The Chris Binnie Award for Sustainable Water Management

The 2020 ICE Awards will be held on Monday 5 October. To apply, please fill in an application form and submit to [email protected]. The deadline for submissions has been extended to Friday 3 April 2020.

This award recognises work which has benefited society by improving the sustainability of water.

The work might relate to an engineering project, a programme of works, a policy or a piece of research.

It’s open to individuals or organisations, including water companies, consultants, contractors, research bodies, regulators, governments and community groups.

Projects and initiatives from around the world can be entered, although they must be completed by April 2019. You don’t have to be an ICE member to enter.

You can enter as an individual or as part of a project, by completing an application. You can also nominate for the award, providing you have approval from the individual or a representative of the project or initiative. They should also be aware that the information might be used in articles and case studies on our website.

For further information on this award, please email [email protected].

2017 winner

Opti won last year's Chris Binnie Award for a system that uses rainfall and water level sensors to make the most beneficial use of storm water infrastructure, as announced at ICE’s annual awards ceremony in October 2017.

2018 ICE Award winners

Individual awards

Gold Medal

Bob Lang, former director at Arup.

As well as masterminding a remarkable array of major engineering projects over the course of his career, Mr Lang has displayed considerable talent and passion for explaining civil engineering to wider audiences.

He's been a tireless and enthusiastic ambassador for the profession, helping to inspire the next generation of civil engineers.

International Medal

Dr Xu Gongyi, deputy chief engineer, China Railway Major Bridge Reconnaissance and Design Institute

Dr Xu has resolved numerous engineering challenges by offering innovative and pioneering solutions in the design of bridges during his 34-year career.

An outstanding scholar in the field, Dr Xu serves as adjunct professors in five universities and has written more than 80 papers, reports, book chapters and books.

Garth Watson Medal

Ellen Ryan, manager of Education Learning and Assessment, ICE

The award recognises dedicated and valuable service to the Institution by a member or a member of staff. A loyal and committed member of ICE staff for over 38 years, Ellen Ryan received the award for her long service and extensive work behind the scenes.

Warren Medal

Chris Burton, partner and business development director, Tony Gee and Partners

As a volunteer, Chris Burton has provided continuous, dedicated and valuable service to the Institution for more than 22 years, serving in numerous ICE panel roles.

As a member of the Professional Reviews Panel for 10 years and Chair 2011-16, he led the highly successful transformation of professional reviews into the digital age and the establishment of the ICEHUB.

He was also a core member of the Route Streamlining Steering group, re-vitalising the ICE professional review processes.

President's Medal

Andrew Wolstenholme, managing director, Land and Water UK, BAE Systems

Particular regard is shown to service that reflects the priorities and objectives that the president has identified for his or her year in office.

Andrew Wolstenholme spent seven years as CEO at Crossrail. Under his leadership, Crossrail has been notable for its extensive innovation.

Now known as the Elizabeth Line, the project will make travelling in the capital easier and quicker and will reduce crowding on London's transport network.