Professional review awards

Recipients of an ICE award

In order to celebrate the achievements of those who've completed their professional review, we offer a number of awards.

ICE has three awards for newly qualified members. These awards go to members who show an exceptional standard of civil engineering knowledge in their Member or Chartered Professional Review.

The awards are:

  • The James Rennie Medal – for the best Chartered Professional Review candidate
  • The Renee Redfern Hunt Prize – for the best written exercise produced at Chartered or Member Professional Review
  • The Tony Chapman Medal – for the best Member Professional Review candidate of the year

We also nominate a recently chartered female member to represent ICE for the Karen Burt Award, which is run by the Women's Engineering Society.

James Rennie Award

The James Rennie Medal recognises the best Chartered Professional Review candidate of the year. It's open to candidates who have passed their review the year before the medal is awarded.

Who was James Rennie?

James Rennie was a well-known civil engineer. He passionately believed that to work in civil engineering you need in-depth and thorough training. This is not only in design, but also in programming and planning construction work.

Rennie spent most of his 70-year career carefully tutoring his pupils to make them great civil engineers. Former ICE President Douglas Oakervee was one of these pupils.

After his death in 1994, ICE created the James Rennie medal. It celebrates Rennie's commitment to training young engineers and encouraging them to become ICE members.

What is the James Rennie Medal?

The James Rennie Medal promotes the achievements of newly qualified chartered civil engineers. The competition was first held in 1996 and is won by the best Chartered Professional Review candidate.

Professional reviewers nominate candidates who show outstanding qualities in their review and really promote developments in civil engineering. Their project reports and presentations also need to show they thoroughly understand engineering design and construction principles.

Each finalist presents their report and participates in a lively question and answer session with the audience and judging panel. The winner is announced on the night.

Winners receive the James Rennie Medal and £1,000, which are presented at the ICE Annual Awards Ceremony. All three finalists also get a certificate and the chance to have their reports published in an ICE journal.

Previous winners:

  • 2019 – Stephen Thompson
  • 2018 – George Scott
  • 2017 – Joseph Maltezos
  • 2016 – Olivia Perkins
  • 2015 – Joe Berrisford
  • 2014 – Sam Reed
  • 2013 – Charles Brooks
  • 2012 – Eamonn Slevin
  • 2011 – Kajiura Hisanao

James Rennie Medal 2020

The winner

Stephen Thompson CEng MICE

Tina Gunnarsson CEng MICE from Balfour Beatty won the 2020 James Rennie Medal for her presentation on the Minigo Suspension Bridge in Rwanda.

On winning the medal Tina said: “It is an incredible honour to have been awarded the James Rennie Medal. I hope the presentation inspires engineers across our industry to use their knowledge and skills to create positive changes in the world.

The view from the James Rennie Medal panel

Darren James, Chair of Judges for the 2020 James Rennie Medal, shared his views on a memorable contest: “There is always an expectation that the three finalists, having been selected from an annual pool of over 1,000 Chartered Professional Review candidates, are going to impress.

“Zuzanna Stone, Aneeka Barmi and Tina Gunnarsson in an all-female final did not disappoint. Their presentations were nothing short of inspiring and made judging very difficult for the panel.

“A winner was chosen however, and I congratulate Tina for a fantastic rallying call about the importance of civil engineering to society and how she has made a tremendously positive impact already in the early years of what is sure to be an impressive career. Next year’s competition has a tough act to follow.”

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Karen Burt Award

The Karen Burt Award goes to a high-calibre female who is a recently chartered engineer, applied scientist or IT professional.

This award, which commemorates Dr Karen Burt, is given by the Women's Engineering Society.

Who was Karen Burt?

Dr Karen Burt was a respected physicist and a member of the Women's Engineering Society. She campaigned tirelessly for women to have careers in science and engineering. Her experience and extensive research helped women working in engineering to manage their career breaks and return to work.

Can I be nominated?

Yes, if you:

  • Are a female chartered member
  • Have passed your Professional Review
  • Are nominated by your reviewers

Nomination process

ICE reviewers nominate one candidate for the Karen Burt Award, based on their commitment to promoting the profession. The finalist is then selected to represent ICE for the award.

Previous winners:

  • 2018 – Susan Deeny, Institution of Fire Engineers
  • 2017 – Madeleine Jones, Institute of Chemical Engineering
  • 2016 – Clare Lavelle, Energy Institute
  • 2015 - Helen Randell, Institution of Civil Engineers
  • 2014 - Elaine Greaney, Institute of Engineering and Technology

Renee Redfern Hunt Prize

This prize is awarded for the best written exercise produced during the Chartered or Member Professional Review session.

Who was Renee Redfern Hunt?

Miss Renee Redfern Hunt MBE was a devoted Examinations Officer at ICE from 1945 – when professional interviews were introduced – until her death in 1981. The award was created in her memory.

Can I be nominated?

Yes. If you have passed your Chartered or Member Professional Review. To be nominated, candidates must have a well-structured argument in their written exercises. They also need a high-standard of clear, concise written English. Nominations are made by reviewers from each review session.


The winner is awarded £100 and presented with a certificate at the ICE Annual Awards Ceremony. Nominees' names are published in the NCE/NCEI magazines and on the ICE website. The winner also gets the opportunity to have their work published in an ICE journal.

Previous winners:

  • Autumn 2020 - Samuel James Henry Wood
  • Spring 2020 - Christopher Short
  • Autumn 2019 - Tina Gunnarsson
  • Spring 2019 - No winner
  • Autumn 2018 - Alice Elizabeth Ridgway
  • Spring 2018 – Liam Barnett
  • Autumn 2017 – Edward Barnard
  • Spring 2017 – Yin Shan Ho

2020 Renee Redfern Hunt Prize

The 2020 Renee Redfern Hunt Prize was won by Christopher Short, for his written exercise of "Drawing on your experience in the delivery of the "Global Clinic", discuss how civil engineers, through their application of leadership, judgement and technical skills, could promote design and construction of affordable healthcare facilities in developing countries.”

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Tony Chapman Medal

The Tony Chapman Medal is awarded to the best Member Professional Review candidate.

This award promotes the role of newly qualified incorporated members (IEng). It's open to all applicants who passed their review in the year before the medal was awarded.

Who was Tony Chapman?

Tony Chapman (1948-2004) worked hard to promote ICE incorporated members. He was a member of the ICE Council, Finance Committee and Professional Development Committee. He also chaired the Building Committee.

Tony was also a former Chairman of the Board of Incorporated Engineers and Technicians, and played an important role when it was integrated into ICE. He was also an ICE reviewer.

Nomination process

Reviewers nominate candidates who have:

  • Shown a passion and enthusiasm for civil engineering
  • Continually taken part in ICE activities
  • Contributed to the profession
  • Outstanding qualities in all attributes

This year's final

This year’s final took place via MS Teams on 25 February 2021. Three candidates were shortlisted and gave a presentation on their Member Professional Review to a judging panel at the final.

George Marshall IEng MICE

George Marshall

George completed his HND from the University of Portsmouth in 2004 and started his career working for Symonds (now Capita) developing detailed designs for several major highway projects. He has experience in several sectors, including highways, rail, aviation and residential. He became an Incorporated Engineer (IEng MICE) through ICE’s Technical Report Route.

He now works for Jacobs as a Principal Engineer and Project Manager. His responsibilities include the overall delivery of a complex highways project with over 170 team members, including design coordination and overseeing commercial and contractual matters.

George says: “I am incredibly proud to be nominated for the Tony Chapman Medal. I am grateful to my reviewers for the nomination and am extremely thankful to past and present colleagues for their support.”

Laura Bourne IEng MICE

Laura Bourne

Laura graduated from Plymouth University in 2015 with a first-class BSc (Hons) Civil and Coastal Engineering degree.

She currently works for WSP as an Engineer in the bridges team, responsible for producing feasibility studies, technical reports and fee estimates. Laura also carries out bridge inspections and manages inspection packages. Her current role is as Designers Site Representatives on a bridge replacement scheme in Leeds City Centre.

Henry Emsley IEng MICE

Henry Emsley

Henry graduated in 2015 with a 1st class honours degree BSc in Civil Engineering and Environmental Management.

He now works as a Section Engineer for Balfour Beatty Highways. His role involves leading operational activities associated with the relevant project with a strong focus on Health and Safety, Programme, Cost and Quality. He leads weekly stakeholder meetings including the client, suppliers, designers and producing minutes, owns and manages operational programmes and weekly forecasting, managing change in a high pressure environment and dealing with technical queries and non-conformances. He also coaches and mentors site engineers in all aspects of site engineering and takes a leading role in stakeholder engagements and Managing Change Events from suppliers including negotiations on cost.

Henry says: “I feel excited and honoured to be selected as a finalist for this award. It is great to feel the recognition for my career to date and the skills and experience that I have gained over the near 6 years I have worked for Balfour Beatty Highways.”

2021 Tony Chapman Medal winner

The Tony Chapman Medal panel is delighted to announce that Laura Bourne was chosen as this year's winner.

On winning the 2021 Tony Chapman Medal, Laura tells us: "I am thrilled to have been awarded the Tony Chapman Medal. I am incredibly passionate about my work and to be recognised in this way is something I am incredibly proud of. I look forward to the opportunities that lay ahead and would like to take a moment to thank all those who have provided me with brilliant opportunities so far and who have given me their invaluable support during my IEng MICE application, particularly my mentor Paul Samy."


The winner receives £500 and is will be presented with the Tony Chapman Medal at the ICE Annual Awards Ceremony.

Previous winners

  • 2020 – Kelly McNee IEng MICE
  • 2019 – Alex Gillespie IEng MICE
  • 2018 – Chris McGinness IEng MICE
  • 2017 – Thomas O'Connor IEng MICE
  • 2016 – Ivik Masek IEng MICE
  • 2015 – Thomas Moore IEng MICE
  • 2014 – Edward Scott IEng MICE
  • 2013 – Lindsay Tassell IEng MICE

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