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Infrastructure engineer (IEng MICE or CEng MICE)

Showcase your competence and professional commitment as a professionally qualified infrastructure engineer with the ICE.

These qualifications offer recognition for a broad family of infrastructure engineers who work with civil engineers and play a vital role in delivering our infrastructure. Infrastructure engineers can become Incorporated Infrastructure Engineers with the ICE (IEng MICE) or apply for our legally protected title Chartered Infrastructure Engineer (CEng MICE).

Infrastructure engineer benefits

Discover how engineers and employers will benefit.

Advice and support

Professional status

Advice and support

Advice and support

Advice and support

Global community

Plus you will benefit from money-saving offers through ICE Rewards and support for ICE members and their families through the ICE Benevolent Fund.

Employers benefit significantly. Having Incorporated Infrastructure Engineers and Chartered Infrastructure Engineers will give your organisation a competitive advantage, assuring clients that your staff are highly skilled and will deliver projects on time and on budget.

A professionally qualified workforce shows your organisation’s commitment to the highest standards of professional excellence, and demonstrates the competence of those responsible for creating the infrastructure society relies on.

Our new infrastructure membership grades at IEng and CEng widen the opportunity to demonstrate a fully professionally qualified team engaged in delivering infrastructure projects.

Who's it for

The professional qualifications are for a broad range of infrastructure engineers who work with civil engineers to deliver infrastructure projects.

To become an Incorporated Infrastructure Engineer (IEng MICE) or Chartered Infrastructure Engineer (CEng MICE), you'll need to possess the right level of qualification, possess a minimum level of experience, and be able to confidently demonstrate your learning and experience to your peers.

Because our members come from such a vast array of backgrounds and with very different experiences, we've tailored the grade of MICE to meet your needs. Whether you're:

  • Already an experienced infrastructure engineer looking to take your career to the next level
  • Professionally qualified with another institution in the UK or internationally
  • Just starting out in the industry

Find out more about becoming a Member and achieving your professional qualification.

If you’re recently working in a role which allows you to demonstrate your technical knowledge and understanding against engineering fundamentals that act as the foundations of civil engineering (for example structures, materials, hydraulics or geotechnics) then you should apply to become an Incorporated Civil Engineer or Chartered Civil Engineer.

If you’re working in an infrastructure role where the principal engineering fundamentals you are applying are not core civil engineering, (for example process, chemical, mechanical, digital, electrical and electronics engineering), then you should consider an application to become an Incorporated Infrastructure Engineer or Chartered Infrastructure Engineer.

We will be piloting a limited number of infrastructure EngTech reviews in 2024 (these are already fully subscribed), before offering reviews to all in 2025.

We can work with you in advance to offer guidance and advice, so please let us know if you are interested. We’d like to hear from you!

What our members say

“Chartered Infrastructure Engineer status signifies not only a mark of excellence, but a mark of trust, opening doors to advanced roles, challenging projects and opportunities to influence the future of infrastructure and its engineers.”

Senior Civil Engineer, 2020 delegate

VIDEO: Chris Landsburgh, the ICE's first Chartered Infrastructure Engineer.

How much does it cost?

The cost of MICE membership depends on where you’re based and we offer reduced membership rates if you’re earning less than a certain amount.

Find out more on our fees webpage.

Discuss your membership options with us today

Contact our membership team to find out if our professional qualifications for infrastructure engineers are the ideal option for you, how to apply and for expert advice on your next step.