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‘Social value'– What is it, why is it important, how is it measured? webinar

  • Webinar
  • Online
  • 10 May 2021
  • 13:00 - 14:00
 ‘Social value'– What is it, why is it important, how is it measured? webinar

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This webinar is presented by Jen Pemberton CEO of ANTZ, a social impact organisation based in Manchester but operating across the UK and parts of Europe.

Jen will speak about why it is crucial that UK business fully understands what ‘social value’ actually means and looks like. When engaged properly, it delivers sustainable, tangible change to a community, is genuinely impactful, and helps the business delivering the social value grow.

For organisations engaging with the public sector in tenders, social value has become vitally important to securing new business. They need to take heed of the legislation and directives putting social value very prominently within the tender process, e.g. the UK Government's Procurement Policy Note (PPN) that went live on the 1 January; the Well-Being of Future Generations Act in Wales; and the Sustainable Procurement Duty outlined in the Procurement Reform Act 2014 in Scotland.

Jen will explain how delivering social value within the communities in which a business operates should be as normal a part of the business strategy as health and safety and HR. A company needs to bring its supply chain and partners along with them on the journey and align their social strategy to their commercial strategy. Finally, Jen will explain how measurement of social value is crucial and needs to be done correctly.

This event is co-badged with ICE North West.


Jen Pemberton

Jen Pemberton

Jen started ANTZ in 2008 and has built a successful business, working with brands such as Bentley, Atos and Unilever, growing understanding of what social value is, how it is best delivered, and importantly, how it is measured. On a personal level, and something she is happy to talk about, she has achieved this success whilst being dyslexic and a victim of domestic violence.

Jen’s career includes time spent in pharmaceuticals as an Assistant Buyer with Beecham Pharmaceuticals, as well as aviation, where she worked with Cargolux and Parc Aviations, requiring her to live and work in Africa and Russia, as Operational Director and Cultural Engagement.  She then made the switch to telecommunications and IT, working with Vodaphone, launching SMS texting across the UK, training senior managers at Carphone Warehouse and Dixons, and managing a team that delivered training in store.

After taking time out and living in the USA, she came back to the UK to work with Cellhire, selling telecoms to business and the armed forces, providing international solutions via satellite technology. Lastly, before starting ANTZ, she worked with Dabs.com which became BT, launching its B2B business and growing it from £30m to £140m turnover in six years.

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