Graduate membership of ICE (GMICE)

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Graduate membership helps you to become a professionally qualified civil engineer and to get ahead in your career.

Why should I join?

Becoming a Graduate member (GMICE) is an important step on your way to one of our globally-recognised qualifications.

You'll be able to build your skills and record your development. When you're ready, you can become professionally qualified.

You'll get great member benefits including:

  • Expert guidance and career support along the way
  • An easy-to-use online tool for recording your initial professional development (IPD)
  • Opportunities to meet other graduates and civil engineers at free events
  • Scholarships, awards and prizes, available exclusively to our members
  • Over 130,000 books, journals and other resources from the world's largest civil engineering library (which you can use in person or online)
  • Subscription to New Civil Engineer magazine and our flagship Civil Engineering journal (online)

Membership is also a great way of showing employers your commitment to the profession, whether you want to land your dream job or progress in your current role.

Who's it for?

You can apply online for graduate membership if you have an approved or accredited academic qualification.

Don't worry if your qualification isn't accredited – you can still become a graduate member. When applying online, you'll be automatically be asked to complete an academic assessment as part of your application.

Meet our members

Want to know more? Hear from some of our graduate members about what they get from their membership and how they are moving towards becoming professionally qualified.

  • Ishmael Paul Otoo, graduate member

    Ishmael Paul Otoo

    I really enjoyed maths and physics at school and might have become a doctor, but I’m afraid of blood! Actually there's a lot of construction work going on in Ghana, and so good career opportunities for civil engineers.

    I’m a civil/structural engineer with GHS Housing Limited, which develops housing that supports community and family living. The work I do really motivates me, especially our mission to ‘make the world habitable’. Designing solutions which improve people’s lives gives me a great deal of satisfaction.

    My responsibilities include designing structural elements and also supervising construction work onsite. GHS takes on other types of projects too, so I have a varied portfolio of work which makes life interesting.

    As a young engineer I used to find it difficult to manage lots of projects at the same time. But I’ve gained more confidence and experience now and find it a lot easier. I’ve also learnt to do detailed planning using MS project with the help of my supervisor. Challenges are part of everyday life and whenever they come I see them as an opportunity to learn.

    I joined ICE because I wanted international professional recognition. Being a graduate member gives me the opportunity to be mentored so I can qualify as an MICE member. It also gives me a sense of belonging to a community of engineers across the world.

    When I’m not working I do missionary work on holiday, and sometimes even get to take time off my busy schedule to see my friends!

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  • Emily Bonner, graduate member

    Emily Bonner

    I’m a structural engineer in the Mott MacDonald buildings team in London. Over the last two years, I’ve been working on the refurbishment of Twickenham Stadium for the 2015 Rugby World Cup.

    Working on a site that’s in use has its particular difficulties. With up to 82,000 spectators visiting on match days, programming work around events and finishing on-time is really crucial. Structurally, the biggest challenge was installing two huge new video screens that hang from the existing roof. The screens and support steelwork were put up within the bowl, and each screen needed two cranes to lift it into place!

    I plan to become chartered with ICE and am currently on a training scheme at work. It’s good to know that my employer recognises how important professional qualification is. It shows that you're a well-rounded engineer because it needs technical, commercial and legal knowledge. You also need an understanding of the health and safety and sustainability parts of your work.

    I'm also a STEM Ambassador, which means I give talks in schools and at careers evenings. I introduce civil engineering to students – something I find really rewarding. I’ve also volunteered (for two years running) on ICE’s Big Bang Fair stand, which has been a lot of fun.

    Civil engineering is a great profession, but many people don’t know much about the work we do. I think we need to do more to tell young people about the amazing variety of opportunities, and hopefully inspire them to go into engineering.

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How much does it cost?

Graduate membership rates depend on your location:

  • £215.50 per year (graduates in the UK)
  • £161.00 per year (graduates outside the UK)
  • £70.50 per year (graduate technicians)

Please note

  1. If you join in the year in which you graduate (receipt of graduation certificate) then no subscription fees are payable for the remainder of this calendar year.
  2. If you join part way through any subsequent year, graduate member rates are pro-rata so the payment you make maybe less than the fee listed.
  3. If you're earning less than £18,533 per year, or equivalent, you might qualify for a reduced membership rate of £70.50.

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What do I need to apply?

Applying for graduate membership is easy - we'll guide you through the process via our online application tool.

Before you start, its handy if you've got the following information (don't worry if you haven't - you can make a start and come back to it!):

  • Details of your university / college and the course you sat
  • A certified copy of your qualification - undergraduate and postgraduate (signed by one of: your tutor / an existing ICE member / senior staff member at your company or solicitor)
  • Your certification needs to include the signatory's name / date they signed / their position / their employer / their contact details / and the statement 'I confirm this to be a true copy of this applicant's qualification and I recommend them for graduate membership of the ICE'
  • If you cannot provide a certified copy, then please provide one PDF file with the certificate and transcripts
  • If any of the documents above are not in English, you also need to send us a certified English translation.

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