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Become an ICE STEM Ambassador

It's rewarding, fulfilling and beneficial to everyone involved - going into schools and running engineering-focused activities that really challenge students.

There is an annual shortfall of 59,000 graduate and technician engineers, many of whom are needed in civil engineering. STEM Ambassadors play a vital role in inspiring young people to study engineering and join our industry.

ICE STEM Ambassadors help spread the word about civil engineering careers to young people, parents and teachers. You could:

  • Talk about the profession and run activity sessions with young people
  • Represent civil engineering at careers fairs and STEM events (e.g. Big Bang Fairs)
  • Give support to a particular school or STEM club project or competition entry
  • Create new activities or set up events to help inspire young people, teachers or parents
  • Talk to students at your old school about civil engineering.

You will be part of a global network of inspiring civil engineers all working towards the aim of opening up the profession to a greater number of young people.

We ask that each of our ICE STEM Ambassadors commits to undertaking at least one activity a year to inspire the next generation of civil engineers.

UK based

UK based members can get started by simply signing up with STEM Learning for child safeguarding checks and training.

When you register with STEM Learning please make sure you select the option that allows them to share your details with us, so we can keep you up to date with civil engineering resources and activities.

Non-UK based

If you are based outside of the UK, you will need to understand what the local safeguarding regulations are before you engage in any activity; please contact your regional representative for more information.

Already have a school in mind?

Should you have a school in mind to visit, we'll happily support you, just let us know which school. Email us at [email protected] 

If you’re already an ICE-affiliated STEM Ambassador, that’s great.

If you ticked the ‘ICE’ box on registering and aren’t getting emails from ICE about its education activities, then do please check on your MyICE account that you’ve given permission to receive ICE emails.

If you’re a registered STEM Ambassador affiliated to another professional institution, then please let ICE know, quoting your registration number, at [email protected].

Remember, to keep your STEM Ambassador registration current, you'll need to do one activity a year and record a short entry onto the STEM Learning database.

To access all ICE’s education resources please go to the new Resource Sharing Centre. Email [email protected] for help to access.

Ellie was delighted to have been recognised for her work to inspire the new generation.

ICE STEM Ambassador of the Year 2023

Ellie Thomas

Ellie impressed the judges with her passion and commitment by coordinating her colleagues and getting involved in nationwide activities in Wales, maximising her impact and helping others to do the same.

“I am delighted to have been recognised for the work I have been doing with the ICE and within Atkins to improve STEM outreach and impact."

Read more about Ellie's story.

Children are hugely influenced by enthusiastic teachers and STEM ambassadors. Image credit: Dr Rebecca Wade

ICE STEM Ambassador of the Year 2022

Dr Rebecca Wade

Rebecca impressed the judges with her commitment and the innovative ways she's engaged young people. For example, with virtual site visits and taking a student delegation to COP26.

"It’s a real privilege to be a STEM ambassador and it’s genuinely rewarding. As a STEM Ambassador, I share my enthusiasm for what I do with young people. I work hard to inspire women and underrepresented groups into engineering.

Read more about Dr Rebecca's story or more about the 2022 competition.

Jo worked conjunction with educational charity TeenTech to coordinate and present a series of live-streamed STEM sessions.

ICE STEM Ambassador of the Year 2021

Jo Hartnell

In response to school closures, Jo Hartnell worked in conjunction with educational charity TeenTech to coordinate and present a series of live-streamed, bi-weekly STEM sessions from March to June 2020. The sessions reached over 650 students.

"I relish inspiring students to pursue a career in STEM and the opportunities it can afford. I am enthusiastic about showcasing engineering wonders, feats of innovation and highlighting the role of civil engineering in society."

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Virtue (far right) inspiring representation in her field on the Richard Hammond's Crazy Contraptions

Special commendation for ICE STEM Ambassador of the Year 2021

Virtue Igbokwuwe

Virtue Chiamaka Igbokwuwe wasn’t even aware of the STEM ambassador programme when she started making YouTube videos to help young people discover and get into studying engineering.

"Virtue’s YouTube channel is a great example of how social media can be used to full effect to inspire the next generation."

Read more about Virtue's story or more about the 2021 competition.

Sandhya (right) at the Big Bang fair helping inspire the children with the wold of engineering.

ICE STEM Ambassador of the Year 2020

Sandhya Sreekumar

Sandhya first became involved with STEM activities and events as a university undergraduate. As part of her volunteering work while at Tony Gee, Sandhya has supported local students to achieve their CREST Awards, represented the company at numerous careers fairs and helped to improve work experience packages for students.

She’s also helped to inspire her work colleagues, contributing to a growing number of engineers getting involved with STEM activities.

Read more about Sandhya's story.

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