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Progressive route

This page explains how ICE members (MICE) and Incorporated members (IEng MICE) can obtain Chartered (CEng) level. Find out how the process works, what you need to show and how much it costs to apply.

If you've already passed our Incorporated Professional Review (IPR) and have the qualifications (educational base) and completed your initial professional development (IPD) for CEng, you're already on your way to becoming Chartered.

We just need to see that you have the additional experience and knowledge required to demonstrate the additional attributes for this level.

You show these in two main stages:

  • the Professional Review submission and
  • the Professional Review

Professional Review submission

You’ll need to send us a several documents, including your Professional Review report, CV and continuing professional development records and evidence of your IPD, completed to CEng level.

Your report should concentrate on the period since your Incorporated Professional Review. It will need to include details about your skills, knowledge and experience, including the projects you’ve worked on and the responsibility you've had.

Professional Review day

This involves three activities: a presentation, an interview and a communications task, which take place on the same day.

  • Presentation – this is an opportunity for you to go into more detail on particular topics covered in your review report
  • Interview – your reviewers will ask you about various aspects of your report to make sure you've achieved the attributes you need
  • Communication task – you will be set a communication task by your reviewers. The communications task will take place after your interview and you will be informed of the timing of this in your notification letter. The communications task will be based on current issues within the industry and you will be expected to respond as an engaged civil engineer, not a technical expert.

How can I find out more?

We’ve prepared a guidance document which outlines all you need to know to help you get ready and apply for your Professional Review.

Our Chartered Professional Review Progressive guidance  is a detailed guide on the review process, including what you need to submit and what happens on the day.

Professional Review dates

View our key dates page to find out when the next Professional Reviews will take place.

How much does it cost?

You’ll need to pay a non-refundable fee when you apply, please see our fees page for more information.

Help with ICE elearning

For help and assistance in completing your application, watch our online videos hosted by membership experts.

Got a question?

If you've got any questions about the Professional Review process, or you're struggling with an application, then we're here to help.