Support Constructionarium

Constructionarium is hosted on a dedicated 6 hectare site at the National Construction College in Bircham Newton, Norfolk.

ARU student at Constructionarium.
ARU student at Constructionarium.

It has been specifically designed to give real-life, hands-on experience of construction using scaled-down versions of civil engineering projects such as the Gherkin, Millau Viaduct, and Canary Wharf Underground station to students studying Built Environment courses. The site is divided into bespoke areas, each with different conditions which provide realistic construction experiences – examples include a scaled down river, stabilised flatlands, mountainous terrain and locations with high ground water.

Smaller Constructionarium events are also held in West Lothian, at the Sibbald Ltd site in Blackridge.

The events are typically run as week-long student field trips, delivered by an academic institution in partnership with industry sponsors. Theory is taken out of the classroom and put straight into practice, developing skills such as drawing interpretation, project management, concrete pouring, steel frame erection and formwork fabrication.

"Our sponsor's staff have been both friendly and instructive in the way they have dealt with our students - never failing to recognise that they are complete novices on site and opening up a multitude of opportunities to learn" says Senior Lecturer Aidan Garbutt of Anglia Ruskin University.

"We always welcome help and support from Contractors, Consulting Engineers and suppliers to assist us in turning the students' theory into practice, and shaping the emerging talent for the industry." said Robin Holdsworth, Scheme Director of Constructionarium Ltd.

Offers of funding, materials, small tools, the loan of equipment or support staff are always welcomed by Constructionarium and its partner universities. For further information, view the short videos at, or contact Julia Stevens, Development Manager via [email protected]. Visitors are always welcomed!