ICE’s response to the transport appraisal and modelling strategy

ICE has made a submission to the Department for Transport’s Transport appraisal and modelling strategy: informing future investment decisions consultation.

Transport infrastructure, in particular, plays a significant role in shaping people’s everyday lives and contributes to the range of productive opportunities that are available to them.

If the main objective of the Industrial Strategy is to improve living standards and increase productivity, and the Department’s appraisal and modelling techniques are to support this objective, ICE believes that the strategy should:

  • Account for the reality and diversity of everyday lives, as shaped by factors such as age, race, gender, physical/psychological ability and socio-economic background, giving equal consideration to direct users and indirectly affected groups.
  • Broaden the concept of productivity beyond paid employment and traditional measures of economic output.
  • Fully consider a range of direct and indirect outcomes, including the likelihood and potential impact of each scenario.

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