State of the Nation: Infrastructure 2014

State of the Nation: Infrastructure 2014 focuses on the performance, resilience, capacity and condition of the UK's infrastructure networks. It also analyses the economic, social and environmental benefits of infrastructure.

State of the nations infrastructure
State of the nations infrastructure

Infrastructure is vital to society. It enables sustainable economic growth and improves quality of life. Infrastructure networks provide:

  • Energy generation and distribution
  • Water supply
  • Flood protection
  • Waste management
  • The transportation of people and essential goods

The approach to delivering and maintaining infrastructure requires attention. If we are to compete in the global economy the UK’s infrastructure must:

  • Meet the challenges we are now encountering
  • Adapt to extreme climactic conditions
  • Meet demands from a growing population

This means that we can no longer provide and operate infrastructure at all times and to the high levels of service expected.

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