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3 top reasons to become an ICE Student Member

20 February 2024

We asked two ICE Student Members how joining the ICE has benefitted their careers. Here’s what they had to say!

3 top reasons to become an ICE Student Member
Omar Shobair and Claudia Moxo Francis agree that ICE student membership has had a huge impact on their career paths

If you’re an engineering student or apprentice, becoming an ICE Student Member could be a gamechanger for your academic and professional journey.

We spoke to a current and a former Student Member – Claudia Moxo Francis, studying at Heriot-Watt University, and Omar Shobair, studying at UCL.

They told us how ICE membership has impacted their career paths.

1. Pathway to a successful career

ICE student membership serves as a strategic step towards professional recognition and career advancement.

Omar sees the ICE as instrumental in gaining further professional qualification:

“Signing up for ICE student membership was the first point of action for me. It allowed me to expand my industry knowledge and receive career advice.”

2. Community connection and mentorship opportunities

ICE student membership enables invaluable connections within the civil engineering community.

Claudia emphasises the importance of networking: “The ICE has allowed me to build connections that have led me to develop mentorships, job opportunities, and a broader professional network.”

Similarly, Omar highlights the significance of community engagement, noting that ICE membership provided him with “the groundwork to build my network”.

3. Access to resources and educational support

One of the standout features of ICE student membership is the access to a wealth of resources and educational support.

Claudia highlights this as one of the decisions that led to her joining as a Student Member: “The ICE offers the biggest civil engineering library globally.

“Additionally, ICE has boosted my knowledge with courses, talks, and thought-provoking conversations with experts.”

Omar notes the ICE’s support too: “The online library and resources are strong sources for coursework and exams.”

Maximise your potential

ICE student membership presents a gateway to maximising your potential as a future civil or infrastructure engineer.

From forging connections and accessing resources, to paving the path to professional recognition, being a Student Member gives you the tools and support necessary for a successful career journey.

So follow Omar and Claudia’s advice: join the ICE today and unlock a fulfilling and impactful career in civil or infrastructure engineering.

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