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ICE calls for STEM ambassadors to support students in digital game and video competition

23 May 2022

Mentors are needed to guide teams in the ICE CityZen Award for UK school students aged 16 to 18 years old. 

ICE calls for STEM ambassadors to support students in digital game and video competition
ICE President Ed McCann meets the winners of the 2021 CityZen Award at ICE HQ, One Great George Street.

ICE has issued a call for STEM ambassadors to support its CityZen Award, a competition that aims to encourage more young people to become civil engineers.

The award, created by ICE, consists of a digital game and creative video contest that teaches young people about real challenges civil engineers face in their career.

ICE STEM ambassadors are needed to support the teams taking part in the competition. They provide the link that connects the game to the real world of civil engineering.

Those already registered as STEM ambassadors can sign up today.

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Teams will play the game across four weeks in the Autumn 2022 term.

Great prizes are available for the winning teams and all finishing teams will be recognised, which will help students boost their applications to university and/or jobs.

STEM ambassadors play a crucial role

Contact with a STEM ambassador has been shown to be an effective way to engage students with STEM.

The professional experience of ICE’s civil engineers provides deeper insight into the complex decisions involved in planning infrastructure, which are recreated in the CityZen game.

All ICE members – from students to fellows – are encouraged to become a CityZen mentor to help make this year’s competition a success. It also counts as initial professional development (IPD) and continued professional development (CPD).

ICE STEM ambassador Charlotte Flower said: “I thought the competition was well organised and great fun for both the students and for me as a mentor. I’d really like to take part again in the future!”

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Impact of the award last year

Over 500 students took part in the 2021 ICE CityZen Award, with over 90 teams submitting an entry.

Of the participants surveyed at the end of the competition, 79% reported a new interest in a career in civil engineering.

“I thoroughly enjoyed taking part in this programme as it helped me work on problem solving skills and communication,” said a year 12 student from England.

One of the teachers involved noted how a student seemed to develop a passion for engineering after seeing how much teamwork and problem solving was involved. The student then applied to study engineering the following year.

The teachers also noted that the mentors were approachable, positive, and instructive.

One teacher from King Ecgbert School said: “They were fantastic, all very passionate about their jobs and really helped the students explore their proposal.”

What happens next?

Those who register their interest to become a mentor will receive an information pack from the Education & Inspiration Team during the summer term.

Invitations to register on the CityZen platform will be sent early in the autumn term, when mentors can choose a school or college to support.

ICE members who aren’t STEM ambassadors can sign up to become one and support the competition.

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The ICE CityZen Award is supported by the ICE David Butler Fund and the JBA Trust.

  • Kathryn Denham-Maccioni, marketing project manager at ICE