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Become an ICE Ambassador

It's rewarding, fulfilling and beneficial to everyone involved - going into schools and running practical engineering-focused activities that really challenge students.

Be one of our engineering Ambassadors

  • Do you have a passion for the built environment and want to share that?
  • Do you want to share your experience and give young people a chance to enter this great profession?

You can also develop your own skills like planning and public speaking which can count towards your CPD.

Volunteer to be an ICE Ambassador

ICE Ambassadors help spread the word about civil engineering careers to young people, parents and teachers. You could:

  • Talk about the profession and run activity sessions with young
  • Represent civil engineering at careers fairs and STEM events (e.g. Big Bang Fairs)
  • Give support to a particular school or STEM club project or competition entry
  • Create new activities or set up events to help inspire young people, teachers or parents
  • Talk to students at your old school about civil engineering.

If you're interested but don't have any experience working with young people, don't worry, STEM Learning will train and guide you before you start. You need to be based in the UK.

If you are based outside the UK then you can choose to use any of our downloadable educational resources.

How we inspire young people to think about engineering

Bridges to Schools

Bridges to Schools gives primary pupils the chance to build an amazing cable stayed bridge. See how they do it.

ICE @ Big Bang Fair

Find out what we do at the UKs biggest STEM event for young people: promoting civil engineering to over 80,000 visitors at the Big Bang Fair.

I find working with young people extremely rewarding. As an industry there is so much we can do to support young people in our local communities and to benefit ourselves through recruiting the next generation of bright young engineers to work with.

Senior Civil Engineer, 2020 delegate

It's surprising how little school children know about civil engineering. So it's great to have the opportunity as an ICE Ambassador to change the misconceptions they have of our industry, one pupil at a time. I explain the impact of a bridge on the economy and living environment of an area. This also shows the collaborative side of being a civil engineer.

Senior Civil Engineer, 2020 delegate

Register your interest

If you'd like to inspire the next Brunel or Fergusson then we can help you. Simply register your details and we can supply you with supporting materials and advice.