Meet this year's ICE President's Future Leaders

This year ICE President’s, Paul Sheffield, Future Leaders will be working on a variety of projects.

Applicants choose to work on their choice of nine projects, which are integral to ICE’s Business Plan and will have an impact on the industry.

Paul, through shortlisting and video interviews, chose the following six candidates to be his Future Leaders for the year.

In addition to working alongside ICE staff members on their chosen project, they will be spending some quality time with Paul.

Louise Hetherington

Louise Hetherington

Structural Engineer, Atkins

It’s a great honour to be selected as a President’s Future Leader. I’m excited to be able to work alongside senior colleagues to drive our industry forward for the better. I’ve wanted to be a civil engineer for 14 years and so having the opportunity to be part of projects at the highest level of the Institution and visit regional branches of the Institution is an amazing opportunity to learn more about areas of Civil Engineer which I don’t work in day to day.

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Tim Hou

Tim Hou

Civil Engineer, Mott MacDonald

The Institution of Civil Engineers has a critical role in the construction industry, and it is key that we are always questioning how things can be done better. I am looking forward to working with Paul Sheffield to further understand how to meet the needs of a rapidly changing world and the importance of the ICE in achieving this. I also look forward to representing young civil engineers with in the ICE, ensuring that critical topics such as global warming and diversity are brought to the top of the agenda.

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Hayley Jackson

Hayley Jackson

Site Engineer, Taylor Woodrow

I am passionate about rising to the challenges of modern engineering projects and developing solutions that will shape the future of the profession. As a President’s Future Leader, I am excited to work with the ICE on a project to influence the changes that I believe need to be made for Civil Engineering to be recognised as an industry at the forefront of technological and environmental advancements. I want to showcase to the public that a career in civil engineering is one to be proud of, as it is rewarding, challenging, and provides an opportunity to make a real difference.

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Chris Landsburgh

Chris Landsburgh

Environmental and Sustainability Manager, Wills Bros Civil Engineering Ltd.

As a young Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) and Graduate Engineer, I take pride in how my organisation impacts the local and global climate. As a participant in the 2019/20 Future Leader’s Scheme I am particularly looking forward to engaging with like-minded individuals and learning more about how other organisations are utilising technologies to progress the sustainability agenda in the civil engineering sector.

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Joe Marner

Joe Marner

Engineer, WSP

Civil engineering is so important to society and has shaped the world as we know it today. The ICE’s role leading the industry is as important now as it ever has been, given today's global challenges and opportunities such as demographics shifts, climate and the digital revolution. As a Future Leader, I’m looking forward to seeing the industry from a new perspective and being involved in a way that’s different to what I have been doing in my career so far. I'm excited to work with the ICE on a project that may shape the industry for decades to come.

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Holly Smith

Holly Smith

Civil Engineer, Skanska UK

Civil engineers tackle major challenges that transform the world around us. Our work is prevalent and tangible; it directly impacts everybody’s lives, every day. Yet, in general, our profession is still vastly misunderstood.

I am greatly excited to work with Paul Sheffield as one of his Future Leaders this year. I share in his vision and passion of building on the bicentenary themes of engaging the public and changing perceptions. Having the opportunity to inspire others and influence how the ICE promotes our industry is a fantastic opportunity for me to embrace as a Future Leader.

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