Meet this year's ICE President's Future Leaders

This year ICE President’s, Andrew Wyllie, Future Leaders will be working on their own projects.

Applicants put forward their own project based on what they saw in the industry that needed changing, why it needed changing and how ICE could help influence that change.

Through shortlisting and video interviews, the following five candidates were chosen to be Andrew's Future Leaders for the year.

In addition to working on their projects, they will be spending some quality time with Andrew.

Alex Backhouse

Alex Blackhouse

Tunnel and Structural Engineer

I want to develop a Framework for Water Management in Construction. Over the next 30 years we will have seen the global population increase from 7.6 to 10 billion people, worldwide energy demand will double, and we will need 2.3 planets’ worth of ecological resources to satisfy ever-increasing demands. A further symptom of the population growth will be chronic water shortages. With 1.2 billion people already living in water-stressed areas a well-reasoned policy is desperately required to prevent further exacerbation of the water shortage epidemic. In changing the ways that we design, build and operate our structures, Engineers are uniquely placed to address this issue. I am extremely excited to work with the ICE to help change the way that the industry values water.

Bryn Noble

Bryn Noble

Assistant Structural Engineer

I want to see the subject of loneliness in cities and urban areas confronted and brought to the forefront of our designs. I would like to see a movement within the industry towards employing progressive and innovative technologies, coupled with the use of interconnected data systems that our society already crucially relies on, to understand demographics and lessen the impact of loneliness on society and vulnerable groups. Being one of the President’s Future Leaders will enable me to explore how we as civil engineers can implement clever techniques to achieve this, as well as advocate the cause to industry

Emma Watkins

Emma Watkins

Site Engineer

As an engineer working in construction, I take great pleasure and pride in seeing my work grow and the structures I work on develop. Every day is different and exciting and every day I keep learning.

As a woman working in construction, I am faced with a series of hurdles, from tiny to seemingly insurmountable, throughout the course of my career. I will be promoting the cultural changes needed to attract and retain talented women into the industry I find so rewarding, opening doors to women and construction projects alike.

Eric Shutwai Leung

Eric Leung

Assistant Resident Engineer

Our profession is one with a great history of transforming lives and shaping a better world. However, we are not effective at showcasing the positive impacts we brought to the society.

As a civil engineer that is proud to see the monumental accomplishments of civil engineering, I want to improve the public’s perception of the contributions and roles of civil engineers. We shall step forward and demonstrate what the profession has done and can do to transform lives.

Monika Szczyrba

Monika Szczyrba

Graduate CivilEngineer

I am passionate about bringing real value to communities through engineering work. As part of the ICE President’s Future Leaders scheme, I will lead a project which is focused on improving how we, engineers, engage with the wider public. I want to ensure that the communities we serve have a genuine opportunity to drive the change around them by placing them at the heart of our projects.

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