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QUEST Eloise Plunkett Award

The QUEST Eloise Plunkett award is open to female ICE members or technician members, based in the UK who have qualified within 3 years of the application deadline. The Award gives funding of up to £2,500 for travel with a civil engineering focus.

This award is funded by the Eloise and Katie Memorial Trust and named in memory of Eloise Plunkett, a young civil engineer with a passion for travel and civil engineering, who tragically died in 2002.

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If you have any questions, please contact the QUEST Coordinator on +44 (0)7919 569 558 or email [email protected].

Amy Wright, winner of the 2019 Eloise Plunkett Award

Amy has a passion for development engineering and previously worked in Malawi to install a hydropower and solar system to light a rural village. She will be using her QUEST funding to return to Africa to critically assess existing projects and see what lessons can be learnt. She will also travel to Kenya to work with Sanivation to assist them in the delivery of clean, safe and efficient sanitation services for urbanizing communities in East Africa and will visit Kibera, the world’s largest slum, to learn about infrastructure there.

Amy hopes to form long-term partnerships with organisations working on the ground; offering her technical knowledge and experience, whilst also learning about area-specific sustainable technology, management and construction methods.

Amy is a Chartered Civil Engineer who is currently working as a Bid Manager, she has previously worked as Senior Site Engineer on the Northern Spire Bridge in her home town of Sunderland and has also helped to deliver diverse projects including a shopping centre, schools, and a chemicals plant.

  • 2019 - Amy Wright travelled to East Africa
  • 2018 - Emma Parry travelled to Japan
  • 2017 - Jen Sampson travelled to Canada and the USA
  • 2016 - Jane Hancock travelled to Nepal
  • 2015 - Harriet Kirk travelled to central Africa
  • 2014 - Divindy Grant travelled to South America
  • 2013 - Kate Cooksey travelled to North America

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