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An initiative to promote forward thinking.

In 2012, the independent Climate Change Committee estimated that flood damage from surface water run-off could increase by more than 200% over the next 50 years.

To combat this, ICE and Wavin are working together to promote forward thinking to find better, more cost effective and sustainable ways to manage the rise of excess surface water.

Sustainable Drainage Systems

Sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) are a technical solution to the increasing problem of excess surface water. Originally used in urban areas, they are now used for some roads and towns in rural areas.

SuDS are always site specific, and require bespoke design that take into account the underlying hydrology, functional purposes of the area, and the present and future needs of people using the area.

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Wavin Spotlight

Read the posters focusing on the Adoption Innovation Hub, the Green Developer tool, Community of Water and SuDS for Schools.

Wavin Spotlight

  • #ICEWatereng

Gain knowledge and understanding from our blogs

  • Achieving sustainable clean water infrastructure for all

    How do we effectively build resilience, efficiency and adaptability into our systems, networks and catchments to ensure we all receive clean water, sustainably? Professor Joby Boxall, leader of the TWENTY65 consortium, discusses how that consortium is addressing these issues.

  • SuDS - is there light at the end of the tunnel?

    After over a decade of inaction, it looks like SuDS may be going mainstream. A recent ICE 'Design Sprint' workshop in Leeds looked at what could be done to encourage uptake. Landscape Architect Bill Blackledge gives a personal view.

  • A day in the life of a one-day 'design sprint'

    Anna Plodowski and George Kalathil discuss the ICE/Wavin design sprint and how the innovative use of ‘design thinking’ could potentially lead to new solutions that allow for better management of surface water.

  • Futurebuild 2019: SuDs needs greater collaboration across industry

    ICE and pipes manufacturer Wavin hosted a panel discussion on sustainable drainage systems (SuDS) at the built environment conference in London this week.

Finding better ways to manage surface water

ICE-Wavin SuDS agile sprint, London

ICE-Wavin design sprint
ICE-Wavin agile sprint

ICE and Wavin delivered a forward-thinking agile sprint on 5 December focused on surface water management and SuDS.

The event challenged delegates to come up with four concepts that show fresh thinking and inform the debate on how to find effective SuDS solutions for excess surface water.

"Congratulations on a successful agile sprint. It was well organised, interactive, beneficial to the water industry and an enjoyable day”

Mei Fun, Principal Engineer (Water) – Infrastructure, Atkins

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  • Watch the design sprint overview

    2 min

    Through creative thinking and idea generation, we tasked our delegates at the ICE-Wavin SuDS Design Sprint to come up with new ideas and solutions.

  • Hear about how to solve the challenges around managing excess surface water

    2 min

    ICE-Wavin SuDS Design Sprint design sprint delegates discuss ideas for solving the challenges involved in managing excess surface water.

  • Watch the full event recording

    42 min

    At the ICE-Wavin SUDS Design Sprint representatives from across the water industry came up with new concepts. This video walks you through the day’s activities of collaborative discussion, ideation and proposal refinement.

ICE-Wavin SuDS agile sprint, Leeds

ICE-Wavin agile sprint in Leeds
ICE-Wavin agile sprint in Leeds

ICE and water knowledge partner Wavin gathered forty delegates in Leeds at the second event in a series of forward-thinking agile sprints on sustainable drainage.

Representatives from across the industry worked together to address common challenges and generate new ideas for finding better ways for managing surface water.

"The sprint was just that - a quick dash through the issues around SuDS, particularly focussing on people's understanding of what SuDS are, how they help in the context of climate change and increased flooding, why they should be supported and how that support might be encouraged. It was great to talk with a wide cross-section of professionals, developers, local authority officers and industry experts, to find the common ground in our thinking. Essentially, we all believe it is vitally important, we all want to support it, and we have to find ways to make it the norm, not the exception”

Bill Blackledge, Managing Director, 2B Landscape Consultancy

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Featured Event

ICE Coastal Management 2019

24-26 September, La Rochelle

ICE Coastal Management 2019

Coastal zone management is a constantly evolving challenge. Civil engineers and coastal professionals are under increasing pressure to manage the competing interests of environmental protection, population growth and the impacts of climate change. It’s essential to keep abreast of the latest research and techniques available to achieve this.

As part of the ICE Knowledge Water Programme 2019, over 200 coastal management professionals will join forces in La Rochelle to focus on new approaches to coastal engineering that integrate planning and ‘place-shaping.’ This year, there’s a huge focus on encouraging bold adaptation to coastal change whilst also balancing environmental and community concerns.

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