Technician membership

An engineer takes measurements in a Crossrail tunnel

Get the recognition you deserve by becoming a professionally qualified engineering technician (EngTech).

Find out if this is the right grade for you, what you need to apply and the benefits of technician membership.

Why should I join?

Using the letters EngTech MICE after your name shows others you have a high level of skills and experience.

It's a globally-recognised qualification and a mark of expertise to your employers and their clients.

You also get other benefits including:

  • Opportunities to meet ICE members at free events
  • Scholarships, awards and prizes, available exclusively to our members
  • Recorded events and webinars, plus lots of online resources from our library
  • Subscription to New Civil Engineer magazine and our flagship Civil Engineering journal

Who's it for?

Our technician members work in a variety of roles in the civil engineering industry. We understand that not everyone is the same, so we’ve developed different ways to apply for membership if you:

  • Already have practical experience
  • Want to combine work and study
  • Are starting your career on an apprenticeship scheme
  • Find out more about becoming a Technician and achieving your professional qualification.
  • Watch our webinar on how to become a Technician Member.

Meet our members

Want to know more? Hear from other technicians about joining ICE and how they benefit.

  • Richard Lord, EngTech MICE

    Richard Lord

    I always wanted to work on building projects, so I decided to do a degree in construction at Liverpool John Moores University.

    After graduating I got a job at Egniol Ltd where I had been working during my holidays. The role was a quality assurance engineer overseeing engineering works on landfill sites. I enjoyed this job so much that I carried on full time after finishing my construction degree. Eight years on and I'm now a project manager at the same company.

    My greatest achievement so far has been becoming professionally qualified. It makes me really proud that all my hard work and learning over the 10 last years has been recognised.

    Being a technician member of ICE has shown my company that I'm capable of dealing with higher profile projects, and can take the lead when managing a project.

    Here's my advice to anyone who wants to be an engineering technician: even if you don’t think what you do is good or relevant enough, give it a try. Your role probably involves lots of aspects of civil engineering that you aren't aware of. Applying to become a technician member can really bring out your skills.

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  • Holly Graham, EngTech MICE

    Holly Graham

    I work for TransportNI as a Professional Technical Officer and I've been here over five years now.

    We're responsible for about 25,000km (15,500 miles) of public roads together with about 9,500km (6,000 miles) of footways, plus bridges, street lights and public car parks.

    While working I also volunteered as a STEMNET ambassador to inspire young people about science, technology, engineering and maths. This is something I feel is important and would like to continue to do.

    In 2012, having completed a BTEC qualification and work experience, I became a technician member. I joined ICE because I wanted my experience to be recognised by an internationally respected engineering body.

    I think I’ve definitely received more recognition for qualifying as a technician member and I feel very proud for achieving this. It should stand in my favour for future promotions and open up doors for me within the industry.

    I would say to any aspiring technicians: get the most out of your job, listen to your colleagues and learn from them. And, most of all, get your head down and work hard – it'll pay off.

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How much does it cost?

Technician membership costs £122.75 per year.

If you're still studying or on an apprenticeship, you can get free student membership.

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Is EngTech for me?

If you're working as a technician or currently combining work and studying then technician membership of ICE could be just the boost your career needs. Use our online tool to find out how you can become a professionally qualified engineering technician.

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