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Civil engineer (IEng or CEng MICE)

Becoming an Incorporated or Chartered Engineer with ICE (IEng or CEng MICE) is a great achievement and gives you international recognition for your knowledge, ability and skills.

Who is it for?

The grade MICE is available to people working in a range of industry areas. Our members work for a diverse range of employers and clients, delivering projects across the globe.

To achieve IEng or CEng MICE status, you'll need to possess the right level of qualification, possess a minimum level of experience, and be able to confidently demonstrate your learning and experience to your peers.

Because our members come from such a vast array of backgrounds and with very different experiences, we've tailored the grade of MICE to meet your needs. Whether you're:

  • Already an experienced civil engineer looking to take your career to the next level
  • Professionally qualified with another institution in the UK or internationally
  • Just starting out in the industry

Find out more about becoming a Member and achieving your professional qualification.

ICE Member benefits

As a Member, you will receive many benefits, including:

Advice and support

Advice and support

Advice and support

Career inspiration

Advice and support

Events and lectures

Advice and support

Knowledge hub

Advice and support

Global community

What our members say

Becoming MICE has definitely been a highlight of my career. There are many benefits to doing it: I think it helps you to become a well-rounded engineer. It also sets you on the right path to continue your professional development. That is vital in this job where you have to keep up with the fast pace of industry change.

Senior Civil Engineer, 2020 delegate

Having achieved CEng MICE, I now support and mentor young engineers as a supervising civil engineer for ICE, a role I thoroughly enjoy. In future, I hope to continue to work on challenging engineering projects and I also aspire to be an ICE Fellow at some point.

Senior Civil Engineer, 2020 delegate

How much does it cost?

The costs of MICE membership depends on where you're based:

  • £325.50 per year (UK members)
  • £243.75 per year (non-UK members)

If you're earning less than £18,533 a year, you might qualify for a reduced membership rate of £70.50.

Find out more and apply

Our online tool will help guide you through the process of becoming a MICE. Once you've signed up for a free MyICE account, we can provide you with personalised membership content, detailing exactly what you'll need to do to reach your goal.

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