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4 top reasons to become EngTech MICE

07 July 2023

ICE Engineering Technician members Karen Pollock and Sam Robertson share how this professional qualification has benefited their careers.

4 top reasons to become EngTech MICE
Karen and Sam agree that EngTech MICE has helped to progress their careers.

If you’re working as a technician or currently combining work and study, then Engineering Technician membership of the ICE (EngTech MICE) could be just the boost your career needs.

To find out more, we spoke to two of our Engineering Technician members: Karen Pollock, an apprentice engineer at AECOM, and Sam Robertson, a structural engineering technician at Cameron + Ross.

Here are their top four reasons to embark on the EngTech MICE journey:

1. Progress your career

Karen highlights the importance of EngTech MICE status to her engineering career.

She says: “Gaining EngTech was a way to showcase my competencies and progress my career.

“Having a recognised professional status demonstrates my engineering skills and for me, this means gaining more roles and responsibilities within the workplace.”

Sam enjoys the trust placed in him by colleagues and clients alike thanks to his qualification, commenting: “EngTech MICE status allows me to take on more responsibility at work, be professionally recognised when dealing with clients and opens the door for further progression at work and through the ICE.”

EngTech MICE can significantly boost your career prospects and open doors to new opportunities.

2. Gain professional recognition and enhance your value

EngTech MICE signifies that an individual's skills and expertise are valued within the engineering community.

Sam explains: "The best thing is that I am now valued for my work.

“I am professionally recognised on any emails or correspondence, and it is an immense feeling that Chartered and Fellow members of the ICE recognise the level of work I can produce."

3. Benefit from personalised guidance

Having support from the ICE’s team of membership experts who understand the requirements and expectations of EngTech MICE can be invaluable, along with other support offered by the institution.

Karen explains: “The ICE provided loads of workshops which were very helpful and allowed me to ask questions on anything I was uncertain about.

“The membership development officer Jen Hopkins also took time out to provide one-on-one feedback on my application.”

Support from your employer and mentor is also a key to success.

Sam notes: “My employer supported me by constantly checking my work, picking up on any mistakes, as well as taking the time to sit through and watch my presentation and prepare any mock questions, so I was fully prepared.

“An external mentor, who is a Fellow member, also took the time to check and prepare me for the review day.”

4. Join a supportive professional community

The ICE values its members and provides numerous resources to foster professional growth.

Sam shares: “Being part of the ICE is fantastic. The ICE values each of their members, and there is always guidance and documents to allow you to continue progressing.

“Members can access a lot of information to broaden their knowledge and progress professionally.”

Becoming an EngTech MICE provides a platform to showcase your skills, access valuable resources and mentorship, and open doors to new opportunities.

As Karen says: “Attend the workshops the ICE provides and ask colleagues at work to practice mock interviews with you.”

By starting early, preparing thoroughly, and seeking support, you can embark on an exciting journey towards professional growth and success as an EngTech MICE.

Start your journey today and unlock a world of opportunities!

Take your next step to EngTech MICE

For expert advice and support, get in touch with your local ICE team.

We can advise on whether EngTech MICE is right for you, support you with your application and help you prepare for your Technician Professional Review.

Contact us on +44 (0)121 227 5944, or complete this form to request a call back.

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  • Tom McIntosh, membership marketing executive at ICE