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ICE launches new mentoring platform to support initial professional development

27 October 2023

The new service will help members achieve professional qualification by matching them with suitable mentors.

ICE launches new mentoring platform to support initial professional development
The ICE's mentor search platforms help to connect mentees with mentors. Image credit:

The ICE has developed a new initial professional development (IPD) mentoring platform to improve the support offered to members working towards professional qualification with the institution.

The new service will help match members looking for mentors to help them during the IPD stage of their membership journey.

The ICE’s existing mentoring search service has now been refocused for those seeking or offering career mentoring, beyond achievement of a professional qualification with the ICE.

Both platforms are available exclusively to ICE members.

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A bespoke platform for IPD mentors and mentees

The IPD mentoring service is for current graduates, apprentices or experienced engineers aiming to become professionally qualified as Engineering Technicians, Incorporated or Chartered Engineers who may not have the benefit of structured IPD mentoring within their own organisation.

The platform also serves the experienced engineers and technicians who can act as mentors.

By helping to connect specialist IPD mentors with mentees, it’s a valuable tool for those wishing to pursue the ICE’s mentor-supported training programme, as well as those seeking mentors for other IPD options such as a career appraisal.

Mentees can specify professional qualification and IPD options, and mentors can select which type of mentoring they can offer, which will help improve the accuracy of matching.

The tool provides expanded search criteria including location and sector, is accessible and has a simple sign-up process.

Steve Feeley, director of membership recruitment highlighted the ICE’s and the civil engineering profession’s history with mentoring.

“The need for mentors to support those through their initial professional development has never been higher, whether to support an early career professional or advise an experienced engineer.

“I am delighted we have been able to respond to the increased demand for mentors with a refresh and relaunch of our IPD mentoring platform.”

Sign up as an IPD mentee or mentor

To offer your support as an IPD mentor, or to find one, sign up to the new platform.

Users of the ICE’s existing mentoring platform will need to create an account on the new IPD mentoring platform.

For certain IPD options, such as mentor-supported training, mentors will need to apply to be approved by the ICE to offer support to mentees.

For any further advice about joining as a mentee or as a mentor contact [email protected] or call +44 (0)121 227 5944.

Looking for career mentoring?

The ICE’s existing mentoring search service is now focused on supporting members looking for mentoring to help them achieve their career goals.

The careers mentoring service is open to ICE members at all stages of their career. It’s designed to match members with mentors, based on expertise and skills.

The institution offers online resources, advice and guidance to help members make the most of the mentoring experience.

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  • Ed Horton, marketing project manager at ICE