Equality and diversity

Civil Engineers work for the benefit and well-being of society – including both the environment and humankind. As a membership organisation and an employer, ICE values diversity and works to create a fairer environment free from harassment and discrimination and one in which everybody feels included and valued.

Anyone who meets our standards can join ICE. We don't discriminate based on beliefs, backgrounds, abilities or anything else.

All our members and staff should feel able to challenge prejudice and approach their work with open and critical minds.

ICE recognises that some of its members may work in countries where people are criminalised, victimized or harassed on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. While ICE expects that its members will abide by local laws, this does not imply that such laws are condoned or deemed fair or appropriate.

Members should always, with due regard for local laws, strive to follow best practice in supporting fair treatment of women and the human rights of LGBTQ colleagues and communities.

What we do

We aim to:

  • Take a holistic view of diversity, which addresses fair treatment, inclusion and respect for all members
  • Make everyone more aware of the positive impact of addressing diversity through training for members, media releases, promotional literature and events
  • Understand and tackle anything standing in the way of equal opportunities
  • Challenge and address any discrimination
  • Make sure our policies and the way we work promotes diversity

Our policies are for members of all grades, employees and anyone applying for a job. We also encourage members to promote diversity in their workplace.

Our Fairness, Inclusion and Respect Committee works with employers to make sure the civil engineering industry attracts talented people from all backgrounds.

Any ICE member can contact the Fairness, Inclusion and Respect Committee about equal opportunities issues.

ICE Diversity & Inclusivity Action Plan

We have developed the ICE Diversity & Inclusivity Action Plan. We produced this following the publication of Dawn Bonfield’s report “Disruptive Diversity” which reviewed diversity within the Institution and the profession, and then subsequent discussions at Council and Executive Board meetings.

The overarching recommendation of the external report was that ICE should apply an inclusivity lens to every aspect of work undertaken. The Diversity & Inclusivity Action Plan follows the WISE ten steps and incorporates a key actions and roll out schedule

Download the Action Plan          Download Disruptive Diversity