Associate membership of ICE

Members of ICE discussion work at Earls Court Station, London

Associate member of ICE

Gaining qualified associate membership of ICE (AMICE) is a great achievement and gives you recognition for your competence and skills.

Associate members may not be civil engineers, but do work closely with them, and have a keen interest in the built environment. Find out if this is the right grade for you, about the benefits and what you need to apply.

Why become an AMICE qualified member?

AMICE membership gives you:

  • Recognition – become professionally qualified with ICE and show your high level of knowledge and skills
  • Opportunity to build up your contacts and share experiences – meet civil engineering professionals and discuss the latest techniques and innovation at technical events and industry conferences. Most places are free or discounted
  • Resources to help you in your job – broaden your knowledge with our recorded lectures and webinars, or through books, journals, case studies and papers (available from our library and website)
  • Industry news and views to keep you up-to-date – get free subscription to New Civil Engineer, with Daily Fix news updates, a Weekly Wrap email and a monthly magazine in print or digital

Who's it for?

Our associate members come from a wide range of different background, reflecting the professions that contribute to successful civil engineering projects. To capture this, we offer two types of associate member qualification:

  • AMICE - our AMICE qualified members work in professions that support or are linked to civil engineering
  • Chartered Environmentalist (CEnv) AMICE - similar to AMICE, but those qualifying also demonstrate their commitment to environmental best practice

Meet our members

Find out why some of our current members have become AMICE qualified and how it helps them in their careers. Click on the profiles below to read their stories.

  • Catherine Topliss BSc (Hons) CEnv CSci CGeol SiLC AMICE FGS

    Catherine Topliss

    At university, I was involved in a project to find solutions for converting a coal mine into a residential development. It was this project that cemented my decision to be become a geotechnical and geo-environmental engineer.

    My job is closely connected to civil engineering and I’m always building relationships with civil engineers. In fact, working with civil engineers inspired me to become a chartered environmentalist through ICE in 2009.

    Gaining a professional qualification has clearly helped my career. A year after qualifying, I became an associate at my company and four years later a director. I now head up our geotechnical and geo-environmental team at Eastwood & Partners (Consulting Engineers).

    It’s really rewarding to see how my skills have made a positive contribution to the environment. I’m proud to have played a key part in the conversion of the Stanley hand tools factory into 105 residential properties.

    There were two aspects to my role. As project manager, I oversaw the remediation of the land and the demolition of the factory building. I also identified a new clean-up solution to tackle contamination. This had never been used in the UK before. The new in-situ, six-phase electrical resistive heating method was very effective in treating the trichloroethene (used to degrease the hand tools) which had seeped into the land.

    Since 2014 I’ve been responsible for our company’s graduate training programme. As a supervising civil engineer, I’m happy to be supporting 12 graduates to become professionally qualified.

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  • Jo Carris CEnv AMICE

    Jo Carris

    During my university days, I became interested in sustainable development. The turning point was when I got an internship with Arup in their sustainability team. That’s when I knew I wanted a career in this profession.

    I thought it would be a good CV and career booster to have a professional qualification. So I did my research and decided to go for chartered environmentalist through ICE – which comes with associate membership. After a lot of hard work, I qualified in 2013.

    Becoming a chartered environmentalist has given me a professional status that is valued by my employer and clients.

    As a senior sustainability consultant (for Useful Simple Projects) I support clients, designers, engineers and contractors to develop and implement sustainability strategies.

    I’m particularly proud to have worked on sustainable solutions as part of the London 2012 Olympic Park project. We achieved so much – from massively cutting carbon emissions and increasing recycling rates to sourcing sustainable materials. Since then, I've built on this experience through the development of sustainability strategies for the Brazil 2014 World Cup and the Rio 2016 Olympic Park.

    In 2013 I won the Women in Science and Engineering (WISE) Excellence Award for my sustainability role on several major projects. It was a great feeling for my achievements in engineering to be recognised.

    I’ve also been a schools' ambassador since 2008 and have been featured in national campaigns like Talent 2030. Helping students to understand about sustainability and civil engineering is really rewarding.

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How much does it cost?

The costs of AMICE membership depends on where you're based:

  • In the UK: £286.75 per year
  • Outside the UK: £215 per year

If you're earning less than £13,900 a year, you might qualify for a reduced membership rate.

Find out more and apply

Use our online membership tool to find out whether you're eligible for our AMICE qualification. You can sign up for a free MyICE account and access personalised membership information.

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Is AMICE for me?

Our AMICE qualification is specifically designed for those working in industries connected to civil engineering. If you work closely with civil engineers or help support the deliver of engineering projects, then AMICE is the best professional qualification for you.

Our online tool and free personalised advice, will help guide you to the right kind of membership for your personal circumstances.

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