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  • New NEC4 contract creates a ‘true’ procurement alliance arrangement for all stakeholders

    • Author: Ian Heaphy
    • Date: 12 November, 2018

    ICE’s collaborative NEC contract suite is the infrastructure procurement route of choice in the UK, Hong Kong, South Africa and New Zealand. Ian Heaphy introduces the latest member of the family, the NEC4 Alliance Contract.  

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  • David Singleton CEng FICE – member of ICE for 49 years.

    We aren’t just a bunch of cardigan-wearing civil engineers anymore

    • Author: David Singleton AM
    • Date: 18 October, 2018

    David Singleton AM, ICE member for more than 40 years, discusses the benefit of ICE events for professionals to exchange knowledge, and how they also play a key role in ICE’s broader impact – setting out pathways for us civil…

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  • Severe winter weather can have a major impact on our ability to move people and goods

    How to ensure UK transport infrastructure copes with severe winter weather

    • Author: David Gardner
    • Date: 15 October, 2018

    Chartered civil engineer David Gardner asserts that we're still not doing enough to provide transport networks that can withstand periods of adverse weather, and calls for a national strategy for handling winter emergencies.

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  • There are reliable methods for ensuring short-term plans actually improve production.

    Plans are nothing; planning is everything

    • Author: Damian Bucke
    • Date: 11 October, 2018

    Damian Bucke, Aphex and Costain Skanska JV, discusses the importance of communication, collaboration and simplicity when planning construction projects.

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  • Cycle traffic takes up much less space and is hence much more efficient than motor traffic

    Designing for cycle traffic

    • Author: Professor John Parkin
    • Date: 04 October, 2018

    Designing and building appropriate infrastructure for cycle traffic is needed to increase levels of cycle use and reduce congestion in towns and cities. Professor John Parkin, UWE Bristol, discusses a new ICE publication advising how…

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  • The global primary energy consumption in 2017

    Is our global warming and climate change ‘truck’ heading for the tipping point precipice?

    • Author: Stan Ridley
    • Date: 01 October, 2018

    Energy specialist, Stan Ridley questions whether globally we have any bridging fuels to ‘bridge’ our civilisation to a green non-fossil fuelled world in the coming decades? Alternatively, do we have any effective renewable…

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  • Floating offshore structures can increase usable space in cities

    Engineering cities of the future

    • Author: Priti Parikh and Philippe Bouillard
    • Date: 27 September, 2018

    Priti Parikh of University College London and Philippe Bouillard of Université Libre de Bruxelles discuss in a special issue of ICE’s Civil Engineering journal how civil engineers are well placed to make our cities fit for the future.

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  • Importance dendrogram for highway bridge condition in England.

    Dealing with big data from smart infrastructure

    • Author: Timo Hartmann
    • Date: 20 September, 2018

    Advanced analysis is needed to crunch the growing flood of data from smart infrastructure sensors. Timo Hartmann of TU Berlin introduces a themed issue of the ICE Smart Infrastructure and…

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  • Investing sustainably – some business leaders are not yet convinced.

    Why investors are adopting the SDGs

    • Author: Raechel Kelly,
    • Date: 13 September, 2018

    Some business leaders are as yet uncertain of the use of the Sustainable Development Goals, and how they could benefit their sector. From an investment industry perspective, Raechel Kelly, Ethical Screening, provides a quick overview of…

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  • Disagreements over the adoption of sewerage assets can have significant short and medium term consequences for all stakeholders; new contractual agreements for developers could help substantially

    The challenges of sewer asset ownership: have your say

    • Author: David Strang
    • Date: 10 September, 2018

    It isn’t often that an industry regulator offers developers the opportunity to be key shapers of new contractual arrangements, but a workstream doing precisely that is now running until March 2019. David Strang, of Water UK…

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