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  • a wind farm in idaho, usa - could investors be turning away from fossil fuels?

    Key messages from the UN climate change conference

    • Author: Davide Stronati
    • Date: 15 January, 2020

    ICE’s Davide Stronati was attending COP25 as chair of the World Federation of Engineering Organisations (WFEO) Committee on Engineering and the Environment. This was  Davide’s first time attending a COP meeting and in this bl...

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  • mimi-isabella nwosu

    How I became a Civil Engineer

    • Author: Mimi Isabella Nwosu
    • Date: 08 January, 2020

    ICE graduate member Mimi-Isabella Nwosu explains how she overcame setbacks and obstacles to achieve her dream of becoming a civil engineer.

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  • statement on eithical principles.

    How ethical are you?

    • Author: Jim Baxter
    • Date: 06 January, 2020

    The University of Leeds launched a consultative 10-year ethics plan for engineers last year. Jim Baxter explains its importance and urges all civil engineers to contribute by 25 January 2020.

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  • apprenticeships now offer a real alternative route to membership of the ice

    Apprenticeships come of age

    • Author: Richard Davis
    • Date: 02 December, 2019

    The number of civil-engineering-related apprenticeships now on offer in the UK is growing, offering a real alternative route into the profession. ICE is fully supportive, says apprenticeship manager Richard Davis.

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  • Understanding the difficulties of digital transformation in construction

    • Author: Valdengrave Okumu
    • Date: 21 November, 2019

    Many construction companies are yet to reap the full benefits of digital platforms. Valdengrave Okumu discusses how we must educate ourselves on the area of digitisation and implement technologies that will drive the industry further ahead.

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  • image credit: nicholas doherty/unsplash

    Offshore generation of hydrogen at far from shore wind farms

    • Author: Neil Glover
    • Date: 11 November, 2019

    To achieve a zero-carbon future, alternative methods of delivering energy, including their generation and distribution, must be seriously investigated for both Technical and commercial viability. Maritime Expert Panel member, Neil Glover, dis...

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  • image credit: gerd altmann/pixabay

    Is construction ready for Industry 4.0?

    • Author: andy Hastie
    • Date: 07 November, 2019

    Andy Hastie, Marketing Lead, Invennt discusses the findings of their joint roundtable with ICE which asked industry leaders the question – is construction ready for industry 4.0?

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  • How to bridge the digital generation gap

    • Author: Tony J. Bowerman
    • Date: 04 November, 2019

    Finite Element Analysis is becoming increasingly popular in our industry. But how can we validate our results? Dr Andrew Lees of Tensar shares guidance on bridging the “digital generation gap”.

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  • How regulation can enable new business models for large-scale developments 

    • Author: William Mackveley
    • Date: 25 October, 2019

    Many see regulation as the unnecessary ‘red tape’ that stifles efficiency and innovation. However, Severn Trent Connect, a new business in the water sector, is leveraging the flexibilit...

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  • toddbrook reservoir above whaley bridge. image credit: patrick down/flickr

    How can engineering organisations successfully adapt to climate change?

    • Author: John Dora
    • Date: 21 October, 2019

    BSI has recently published a new global standard to help organisations adapt to climate change. Civil engineer John Dora, who led the international drafting committee, says everyone involved in infrastructure should read it.

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