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  • NEC4 Alliance Contract

    New NEC4 Alliance Contract

    • Author: Matthew Garratt and Ian Heaphy
    • Date: 26 June, 2017

    The construction industry is continually being challenged to deliver improvements in the outcome of projects and programmes of work. Collaboration and better integration of teams are seen as ways to achieve this.

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  • Engineering development: understanding the needs of the community you are designing for

    Why i side-stepped the dance for an engineering career

    • Author: Brittany Harris
    • Date: 23 June, 2017

    To mark this year’s International Women In Engineering Day, graduate engineer Brittany Harris talks about the particular challenges of being a woman in international development.

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  • Urban sprawl in Athens, Greece.

    Making cities sustainable under climate change

    • Author: Judith Sykes
    • Date: 20 June, 2017

    Climate change brings both increased and new risks to cities, and the first step in adapting to climate change is for built environment professionals to understand what these likely risks are.

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  • NEC4 Design, Build and Operate Contract

    New NEC4 Design, Build and Operate Contract

    • Author: Ross Hayes, Richard Patterson and Barry Trebes
    • Date: 19 June, 2017

    NEC4 brings a new addition to the NEC family of contracts: NEC4 Design, Build and Operate Contract (DBO). It…

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  • NEC4: legal and insurance aspects

    NEC4: legal and insurance aspects

    • Author: Peter Higgins and John Hughes-D'Aeth
    • Date: 12 June, 2017

    Since it was first published in 1992, the NEC suite has promoted collaborative management processes over legal verbiage.

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  • nattawit.sree /

    Seizing the opportunities of digitalisation

    • Author: Manuel Gerres
    • Date: 08 June, 2017

    Digitalisation has long been making inroads into all business segments at Deutsche Bahn (DB). The DB Group is tackling a range of cutting-edge fields, including digital customer platforms, Work 4.0 and automatic train operation. Manuel…

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  • Engineers solve society’s problems. Simple.

    The truth about what engineers really do for a living

    • Author: Zakiyya Adam
    • Date: 07 June, 2017

    Introducing yourself as an engineer usually leads to a change in the conversation, a blank look or a suggestion that you could fix their boiler problem. So just what does an engineer do?

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  • NEC4 user guides.

    NEC4 user guides

    • Author: Tim Knee- Robinson
    • Date: 05 June, 2017

    The existing NEC guidance documents – in the form of guidance notes, flow charts and ‘How to’ guides – have been developed and added to over many years. This has led to guidance on a specific topic sometimes…

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  • Over 3 Mt of ground from Crossrail was used to create a nature reserve at Wallasea Island.

    Circular economy in the built environment

    • Author: Jacqui Glass, David Greenfield and Phil Longhurst
    • Date: 02 June, 2017

    The circular economy has the potential for profound change in civil engineering and infrastructure development projects. So say Jacqui Glass, David Greenfield and Phil Longhurst, editors of a new themed issue of the ICE Waste and…

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  • ICE President Tim Broyd: civil engineers are at the forefront of a raft of social challenges.

    Tim Broyd: the need to continue to build on ICE’s successes

    • Author: Tim Broyd
    • Date: 01 June, 2017

    ICE President Tim Broyd discusses the value of the Institution of Civil Engineers, its membership and why we need your support to continue this work.

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