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InterEngineering to tackle isolation among LGBTQIA+ engineers

09 February 2022

InterEngineering outlines its steps towards achieving inclusion for the LGBTQIA+ community in 2022.

InterEngineering to tackle isolation among LGBTQIA+ engineers
‘The art of engineering is building for them, her and him. We cannot build tomorrow with the minds of yesterday,’ says Rémi Sauffisseau, civil engineer at SNC-Lavalin/Atkins. Image credit: Thirdman/Pexels

Connecting isolated engineers is one of the five themes InterEngineering is seeking to tackle in 2022.

The remaining four themes shaping the LGBTQIA+ support organisation’s plans include: leadership and engaging the majority, inspiring future engineers, diversification, and improved resources and data.

Over 25 leaders from the industry, academia and engineering bodies, including Rolls-Royce, WSP, and Mott Macdonald, helped InterEngineering identify these key issues.

InterEngineering is an organisation and partner of ICE that aims to connect, inform, and empower LGBTQIA+ engineers and their supporters.

As LGBT History month celebrates its 18th year, civil engineer and InterEngineering’s Southwest co-chair, Rémi Sauffisseau (SNC-Lavalin/Atkins) asked employers and individuals how they can help build a more inclusive world, where engineers of all sexual identities can bring their ‘whole self’ to work.

Empowering future engineers

Identifying the key themes and gaining industry-wide perspectives is essential to empowering future engineers, Sauffisseau said.

For him, the key is to ensure “the history of the LGBTQ+ community is not forgotten but learnt from”.

Collective actions, including individuals starting up their own company’s LGBTQIA+ networks, are among his suggestions to create safe spaces within the construction industry.

Organisations such as Building Equality and oSTEM also provide valuable resources, workshops, and discussion forums.

As Sauffisseau pointed out, the built environment is only as diverse as the engineers who make it possible. He concluded, “We must build a tomorrow where equity, inclusion and respect are at the core of everything that we do.”

  • Jessica Beasley, communications executive at ICE