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Civil engineering explained

Civil engineering is a vast and diverse profession. It can take you on many paths. Read on below to find out why it could be the perfect career for you.

What is civil engineering?

Civil engineering centres around the design, construction and maintenance of infrastructure, from bridges to flood defences, wind turbines to tunnels, and more.

Civil engineers are creative problem solvers. They work in harmony with the natural environment to keep towns and cities running and to build a more sustainable world.

Civil engineers work closely with infrastructure engineers.

What is infrastructure?

Infrastructure is made up of systems that provide communities with modern and inclusive places that people are proud to live, work and play in.

It includes things like transport links, access to clean water, sanitation, electricity, telecommunications, and safe streets and buildings.

Click through below to discover more about the things that infrastructure and civil engineers help bring to life.

Why become a civil or infrastructure engineer?

If you're a great problem solver, civil or infrastructure engineering could be the career for you.

Engineers are tackling some of the biggest challenges that society faces today, such as the climate crisis. They're looking at new ways to reduce waste, cut carbon and make the world safer and more inclusive.

You don't have to be a maths genius either!

Meet engineers working in infrastructure

Civil and infrastructure engineers come from all different backgrounds but they all spend years training, learning and getting qualifications. Why not hear what engineers have to say about their work?

Looking for personalised career help and advice?

If you're thinking of a career in civil and infrastructure engineering, we have courses and training personalised to your location, as well as membership advice.